Common Garage Door Spring Encounters


There are two types of garage door springs that work differently on your garage door. The torsion springs are attached above the closed garage door and the extension garage door springs that are located on the upper tracks on both sides that help in the smooth pull when opening your garage door. When a break or different noises are heard during the move, consider a lot of things that could go wrong.

Unbalanced garage door springs

When your garage door suddenly stops or produce certain noises in the middle of opening or lowering; immediately assist your garage door by opening it manually. When the door is still difficult to operate, the problem could be the garage door springs that are out of balance. Never try to do it yourself, it is a must to call a pro from any garage door company in Lutz for replacement.

Damaged garage door spring brackets

Garage door springs are supported by brackets, where brackets are also under a lot of tension. In this case, brackets should be adjusted regularly or should be replaced by pros. Luckily, improvements such as tamper resistant brackets are built for some who try to mingle with the part but are inexperienced. This causes less stress and damage to your garage door springs.

Broken safety cables

Garage door safety cables play a huge role in the movement of your garage door springs. These are attached on each side of the door running through the garage door springs and are attached to the wall or ceiling. When a garage door spring is broken, the cables stand as a support for the whole system by holding all heavy parts together to prevent falling or sudden sliding down of the garage door. Obsolete garage doors are not installed with safety cables sue to the thought of having extensions garage door springs are enough. So if you don’t have safety cables, immediately have a pair installed.

Garage door companies in Lutz are very interested in assisting you with your complaints and concerns regarding your garage doors so take the opportunity to ask and have everything done for your family and property’s safety.

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