The Bridal Hair for Your Face Shape and Dress Cut


It is most important to be focused on how you would look like in a certain hair style rather than forcing the hairstyle to fit your dress, your face shape or even your body shape. Today, bridal hair dos come in soft, girly and natural styles to make women look younger.

Oval Shape- you are lucky to have this face shape since this is generally considered the perfect face shape for any hair style. There are no prominent angles to cover and sizes to minimize. A soft off shoulder dress is a good choice as it emphasizes and up-do or a half-do.

Square shape- this face shape is more angular and has more width than length. The jawline is the most prominent part of your face and bridal hair with more volume at the top of your head and loose soft curls to cover and lessen the angles that will result to a slimmer and longer face shape. A V-neck dress style is perfect to help draw more attention to your shoulders than your protruding jawline but make sure to be easy on accessories to avoid making your neck look shorter.

Round shape- same as square-faced women, the same rule applies; however, instead of having curls, straight is in. The round curves on your face call for straighter and flowing bridal hair dos to make your face appear a bit angular. A loose bun is okay but it is suggested that you go for half- down styles with loose straight streaks that do not entirely cover the sides of your face. A strapless dress style is a good choice for this face shape since it gives way for your bridal hair do.

Long shape- long shape face is not as difficult to style. It only takes bangs and low lateral bridal hair dos to make your face look smaller and more feminine. Soft curls are good for long face shape as it draws less attention to the vertical enhancement. However, exaggerated curls are not advisable because it produces a loud style that can outrun your dress. A simple coat neck cut dress style will bring elegance and feminism to your bridal hair.

Dress styles and bridal hair are the two main components of making the perfect bridal look and Tampa has all the materials and talent to provide you with both.


Monaco Boutique and Salon
2907 West Kennedy Boulevard, Tampa, FL 33609

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