Cummings Engine Repair: Can You Do Some Troubleshooting?


Majority of trucks run on a Cummings diesel engine, but this engine isn’t just designed for truck use. It’s quite a complex fuel system but if you have a good understanding of it, you may just be able to do some Cummings engine repair on your own. However, if you’re not confident with your skills, you must leave the repairs to the professional auto technicians in Tampa.

Now, it will be great if you can learn a thing or two about troubleshooting your Cummings engine. This way, you can save money from Cummings engine repair. Instead of bringing your vehicle immediately to the auto repair shop, you can do some tinkering of your own in your garage. For instance, if the engine is not performing at its best as usual, you can check the air system and the fuel. If the engine won’t start, checking the starter circuit and the battery is necessary.

A Cummings diesel engine should be regularly inspected to ensure its optimum performance. The main reason why vehicles use a diesel engine is to save on petrol. Thus, ensuring that the engine runs effectively is very important.

In a Cummings diesel engine system, the fuel quality is one of the most important things to check. You must know that diesel engines are more prone to problems in the fuel system. In the event that your fuel becomes contaminated, you will experience a slowing down or even stopping the motor. Now, if your truck was performing well before you re-fueled it, your engine problem may be attributed to fuel contamination.

What if your Cummings engine loses power in cold weather? There’s no need to get Cummings engine repair for this. What you can do is add anti-gel additive or a number one diesel fuel. The regular type of diesel turns to gel at very cold temperatures, which can make your engine perform sluggishly.

Another thing to systematically inspect if the injector system. It must be free of dirt and it should only contain the right amount of fuel in each cylinder. Check the injector lines if there’s any sign of damage and then check the cylinder head if it’s tightly sealed.

Now, if your truck is running at low power, the fuel pump may be the culprit. There could be loose wires or a blown fuse. If you don’t see any problems, you can take your truck to the auto repair shop to get it checked better.

We don’t really advise people to troubleshoot their own Cummings diesel engine especially if they don’t know a good deal about car engines and repairs. So, if you’re doubtful that you can pull off troubleshooting on your own, find a professional Cummings engine repair service in your area to be sure.


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