Passing A Drug Test Using Synthetic Urine


When it’s that time of the year again for the employees to undergo a drug test, many dread about losing their jobs or breaking the law. You may have your reasons why you indulged with drugs and you had no idea the drug test is coming up. But the fact remains that you might get caught and you might lose your job because of it.

Is there a way you can pass the drug test? There’s a way and it’s by using synthetic urine as your urine sample. What you need to do is substitute the fake urine when you pee on the cup. Of course, you should be careful about getting caught or you will really get into deep trouble for that.

What you should know about synthetic urine? It comes in two forms. The first one is the liquid type that is similar to what is used for calibrating lab equipment. The other one is in the form of powdered concentrate where you just add water.

However, there are certain precautions that you have to take when using the synthetic urine as a substitute. For one, you have to make sure that the fake urine stays at body temperature. It’s best that you keep it close to your skin. You can also use an organic warmer for insulation.

You should also be careful as most labs are already testing for fake urine as well. Don’t use synthetic urine when the urine test is for civil service, military or other forms of government services. Further, most labs are wiser now with the wide availability of fake urine. Using the powdered form is much better as it has a smell and bubbles form on the surface. The liquid form doesn’t which can cause more suspicion.

If you think that using fake urine is too risky, well, you can always just use a urine sample from someone else. Make sure that the sample is kept in a sealed container that you will refrigerate. You must use this sample within 48 hours. However, freezing the sample will allow you to store it longer. What you want to avoid is the urine to deteriorate as the lab can detect this immediately.

There’s always a risk when you substitute a urine sample for your own during a urine test. So, it is best to stay off of drugs whenever. But if you’re in trouble and you really need to get out of it, using fake urine might just be the only solution.

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