Three Main Transmission Repairs


Unlike the early days, transmission repair specialists focus on one type of transmission and thus providing standard repairs. But due to innovative changes, transmission repairs have come to an interesting twist as it comes in similar ways but differ on how much horsepower the driver needs to shift gears.

Automatic transmission is the easiest for an average driver. By a simple gear change in ‘drive’ the transmission shifts gear on its own. Just a few changes to make the vehicle move forward and backwards is needed. In as much as it is easy for the driver to manipulate, it is most complicated for a mechanic. The need for computer elements that make the transmission sense the need for gear changes should be adjusted more often. Problems such as slipping and overheating of transmission are signs of the need for transmission repair. These may be caused by leaks in your transmission fluid or even overheating. When the fluid starts leaking, the harder it is for the transmission to move and thus overheating comes next.

Manual transmission on the other hand is more complicated for a driver to learn. It is because it relies on the cues to know when to shift into a higher or lower gear. In this case, transmission repairs are caused by chipping of any moving parts in your transmission due to inappropriate timing of gear changes. Manual transmission repairs are less complicated since it does not need intensive programming; another benefit of a manual transmission system is that it is fuel-efficient than that of an automatic.

Finally, semi-automatic transmission repairs only differ in the complexity of disengaging or re-engaging the clutch before and after gear shift is adjusted. When the transmission senses the need for gear change and the driver fails to do so, it automatically shifts. In this case, same issues on transmission repairs arise as its combined counterparts are involved.

The need for transmission repair on these three types of engine boils down to one reason, inefficient fluids; a regular visit to your mechanic is the best in maintaining a good transmission status and avoiding transmission repairs.


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