Top Reasons for RV Motorhome Repairs


The longer your RV is used, the more it gets prone to damage. More and more problems arise as your vehicle experiences rough roads, heavy rains and dusty paths. And thus, innovations in RV motorhome repairs have been introduced to the market.

  • Talk about gears– RV motorhome repairs focus on the automatic transmission gears. When your auto shows delay or harsh shift in gear, this can be due to the external controls that are loose or worn out. Adjustments for such should be at least once every six months or depending on the mileage of your vehicle.
  • Oils and fluids– lack of transmission fluids are the common reasons for damage of the moving parts. When your vehicle is not fully or adequately lubricated, the dust that accumulates in between parts can cause enough friction to damage or for the party to corrode. Another sign of lack of fluids id the banging or knocking sound, which indicates that the needle bearings that separate the stator impeller, converter housing and the turbine needs replacement.
  • Clutch and transmission– hybrid vehicles seldom experience stuck clutch; however, when such situation happens, RV motorhome repairs are the best option. This is caused by the gears and clutch that do not move at a synchronized pace. A buck-jump transmission is a sign of your transmission begging for a tune up, this can be due to lack of fluids or also damages on the moving parts. When needles get loose from the continuous use of the vehicle, transmission tend to shake and produce a high pitched sound.
  • Air conditioning– RV motorhome repairs always include the need for adjustments on air conditioning. Often do ACs fail because of dust accumulation and overheating. When the Freon of your AC runs out, the lesser it becomes effective; plus, the more it exerts effort to provide cool air. A harsh sound and burning smell coming from the system is heard and is a sign of the need for replacements or adjustments.


RV motorhome repairs are not far from the regular vehicle repairs; only a few innovations and computer programming added to its system make the difference.


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