Safe Oils and Candles for Massage Therapy


More and more clients appreciate the benefits of massage therapy. Aging hastens as people get exposed to a lot of stress factors especially those living an unhealthy lifestyle. Overwork, less exercise, and unhealthy diet are the three killers of today’s youth. Massage therapy plays a huge role in keeping all those out of the system and enhance inner peace as a motivation; plus, with the help of healthy scented oils and candles, the more relaxing it becomes.

Your senses are the strongest tied to the brain; when rich aromas are introduced, they become the next reasons why massage therapies are of great relaxation. However, there are a few things you have to consider for a safer therapy. First is to watch out for any petroleum by- products. Never hesitate to ask your massage therapist whether he/she is using paraffin wax candles; oil refining residues are just as dangerous as inhaling factory fumes. Second is by considering candles that do not pollute indoor air. The heady scent doesn’t actually provide relaxation, it burns out toxic fumes that include toluene and benzene, which can suffocate clients. These compounds are closely related to cancer and neurological damage. Plus, some candle wicks are made of lead that also give the same health results.

You can avoid all these health hazards by following some of the go-green tips in massage therapy. Massage oils that are used should be all natural and non-pore clogging to be able to avoid skin irritations as well. For candles, it is good to look for pure essential oils-based or vegetable-based candles such as soy candles and beeswax. Soy candles brag about its all natural and non-polluting components; plus, it burns longer than any other scented candles. Another is beeswax that has its sweet, cleansing honey scent that does not only provide relaxation but also keeps indoor and outdoor allergens out of the way.

Natural scented candles are great for skin moisture as they burn only 2 degrees above the body temperature and releases natural vitamin E and lecithin while it burns. So what else would you ask for? Treat yourself without worrying about its effects.


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