Boxing: The “Real Deal” Workout


With the right jabs and swings, boxing is an effective way to turn those fats into hard built muscles. Boxing has been a professional sport since the early 80s and has been an inspiration for men’s health while enjoying contact sports.

  • Boxing vs. weight lifting– weight lifting is a fast way to tone your muscles. However, there is a tendency for imbalances in muscle tone and size. When weight lifting is stopped at once, muscles tend to loosen up and sag, which is very unpleasant. On the other hand, boxing is a great deal as it does not only focus on the upper muscles but also work its way down to the legs as the whole body moves.
  • Boxing vs. wrestling– men’s health does not only involve contact sports or even “hurting each other.” wrestling can be very risky as a workout routine since it can cause bone damages or sprains. Boxing on the other hand do not require an opponent, which makes it safer for all ages.
  • Boxing vs. yoga– it might be weird for a man to perform yoga, but the concentration and inner peace it provides is a good physical and psychological workout. The only thing is, when you are looking for an intense fat burnout, yoga is not the routine for you. Boxing brags on its skillful gestures as it requires all the body parts to move and contract, making it easier for the muscles to form and the fats to burn.
  • Boxing vs. jogging– more like “vs. a tiring task of jogging”. When you jog, it is true that you spend more time and effort thus leading to a good bod. However, there is less effort exerted as it works at a continuous pace so you need to add more weights on your arms and legs to achieve the best of what jogging can offer. Boxing, requires you to release force that tones your muscles evenly.


Boxing is a fair task that can benefit you even when you age. The easy but forceful gestures make way for muscle toning and cardiac exercise. So why worry about making your hobby a good technique to achieve the best bod you can have.


Title Boxing Club
8440 Cooper Creek Blvd University, Park, FL 34201

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