A Step by Step to Getting Your Concealed Weapons Permit



Thinking about buying a pistol and carrying it with you for protection? Well, you can do that but you have to abide by the law. As you may already know, gun laws are different from state to state but the general requirements are still the same. It is a must that you obtain a concealed carry permit before you can carry a pistol with you.

Surely, you have heard stories in the news where people were arrested for carrying handguns without a permit. These unlawful acts come with a penalty and you can spend some jail time for that, which is something you don’t really want to happen.

But before we go into the steps of getting a concealed weapons permit, there are some terms you should know first. There are two types of state issues. The first is the shall issue, this is given to people who meet the permit requirements. The other is the may issue, this is given to people who meet the permit requirements and can justify his or her need to get a permit.

Here’s what you need to know about getting a concealed weapons permit or a concealed carry permit. Do follow the steps to make the process more convenient for you.

  • Issuing authorities in every state vary so you might want to do some research on what yours is. You can go to your government’s website and get some information there. This is an essential step as the issuing authority is where you’ll pass your requirements and the one that will give you the concealed weapons permit.
  • After knowing your state’s issuing authority, know what requirements are needed. One important requirement is taking an NRA pistol class, where you’ll learn safety handling and operation of pistols. Also, know the minimum age required to apply for a concealed carry permit.
  • Gather all the requirements together. For may issue state applications, make a letter saying justifying your need for a permit.
  • Fill up an application form and submit it together with the requirements. There are fees you will pay too. Online application is available in almost every state so you can basically download the form and print it out.
  • Once you obtain your concealed weapons permit, make sure to keep an eye on the expiry date and renew your license before it expires. There is a renewal fee to pay but there are some states that will still ask you to retake your NRA pistol classes.

Do note that once you apply for a concealed carry permit, you will undergo a criminal background check. This means that your fingerprint will be needed. Also, a valid ID is required too.

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