Want a Healthy Computer? Have Regular Preventive Maintenance

Do you consider your computer as one of your best friends in the world? When you wake up in the morning, you turn it on and use it immediately. If you need to go to work, you turn on your computer there and spend hours of your day doing what you need with it.


The amount of hours you spend on your computer guarantees that it has already stored important data and information from you. This isn’t only the reason why preventive maintenance is needed. Aside from securing and keeping your data safe, it’s also about making sure that you prolong your computer’s life. It will be such a hassle to keep transferring tons of data from one computer to another.

Preventive maintenance involves the basic steps and these basic steps can be done by you alone. You don’t need to hire a computer wiz to do the work for you. For one, part of the maintenance check is to always keep the software updated. The best part of updating your software is it is absolutely free. In fact, you can even switch on your automatic updates so your computer will update automatically once there’s a new software update release.

The importance of software updates is to fix any security holes in your current system. Such security holes can be exploited by hackers, which can mean hacking into your system and retrieving confidential information. Or, they would just simply want to mess up with your computer. Identity theft is one of the most common hacker threats. They will use your SS number, passwords and other data. On the average, an American loses at least five thousand dollars from identity theft.

In line with software updates, part of preventive maintenance is also constantly updated with your antivirus software. Such program may be your first and only line of defense from any security threat that may enter your computer.

Another reason for preventive maintenance is to keep your computer clean and healthy. Just like brushing your teeth, it helps remove bacteria to prevent plaque formation and tooth decay. The same concept holds for keeping the computer clean. If your PC is clean, overheating can be prevented as fragile parts will work more efficiently under the right temperature. Overheating easily causes the computer to malfunction one way or another.

If your computer is overloaded with files, don’t forget to do a disk cleanup and defragment. Both these methods should help increase the performance of your computer especially if you’ve noticed it slowing down recently.

While these are some of the things you can do alone, bigger problems will need the help of professional computer technicians. Don’t even think about tinkering with your PC hardware if you don’t have the expertise. When your computer is sick, call the computer doctor.


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