Join Pistol Classes and Get Your CCW License


First of all, what is a CCW license? It stands for “concealed carry license”. It is a permit or license that you need to be able to carry a concealed weapon legally. This type of license can’t just be obtained and applied for by anyone. You must have the proper training to hold and use a weapon before you will be granted this license.

Why Get a Pistol?

It may be a shock to you but many people are actually considering buying their own handguns or pistols. The top reason? It’s for self-defense or protection. The police cannot protect you and your family all the time and as humans, we have our own need of self-preservation. When there’s a threat to our life or our families, we want something that we can use as protection. Handguns or pistols are one of those effective tools.

Taking Classes

Carrying a pistol is not something that every person can do freely. One must be trained and responsible for it. This is the main reason, people who apply for the CCW license, are required to join pistol classes.

Pistol classes focus on using the pistol for self-defense for more than anything else. Instructors teach students how to properly mark their targets, the government wants to make sure you’re not shooting blanks and be a potential harm to others. You will be trained and taught by a certified NRA instructor.

Beginners are very much welcome in pistol classes. In fact, beginners are highly urged to take part in such classes even if they don’t own a handgun yet. It is always best that students learn the basics first and know what they need to know from the instructors. This way, they can find the best pistol for them to use and one that they are most comfortable with.

When joining pistol classes, make sure that the class is designed according to the concealed carry training guidelines. The instructors should be NRA certified, so you’ll know that the person teaching you really knows a good deal about concealed weapons. This course typically runs for a day.

Survival of the Fittest

If you’re trying to get a CCW license in Florida, check out the classes in Survival of the Fittest. Their instructors are NRA certified and they will definitely help you get your license. Survival of the Fittest also services the areas of Eastlake, Oldsmar, Clearwater, Palm Harbor, Trinity, Tarpon Springs, and Dunedin.


Survival of the Fittest
2262 Toniwood Ln Palm Harbor, Florida 34685
(727) 279-5994

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