Home Storage Tips for Small Homes in Miami, FL


No one wants a cluttered home, but how can we really free up some space for home storage? Simple: SORT YOUR THINGS.

The first step in improving your home storage space is to sort the things that can be thrown away from the things that you really need to keep. No amount of home storage can justify any form of pack-rat behavior. But of course, we understand that there are family heirlooms and home pieces that you just can’t live without due to their sentimental value. With that fact in mind, we have come up with these tips on how you can improve your home storage space for good.

  • Maximize your home storage space.

Most homeowners in Miami, FL have more home storage space than they think. The only thing is they just don’t use it as well as they could! Bedroom closets, for instance, leave valuable space unused. You may actually use closet organizers and storage rods to double your closet usage. In addition, you may also consider swapping old home furnishings (e.g. Entryway tables, benches, living room couches, love seats) for home furnishings that feature built in home storage space.

  • Increase your home storage.

This one is the opposite of the first tip that we discussed. The fact that you are having issues with your home storage space may imply that there really isn’t enough of it. If your home is really one of the smallest units in Miami, FL, then having built-in wall cabinets may very well be the cheapest home improvement project to increase your home storage space. You can also have a new bed or bed frame made to make way for some storage space under the bed or even under the mattress.

  • Consider renting a public self storage unit.

You may not have enough home storage space, but there are facilities that have lots of it. Check your area for storage facilities that offer affordable lease agreements. You may put your not-so-fragile items in ordinary storage units, and your fragile mementos in climate-controlled ones.

Kick the clutter out of your homes through these home storage tips. For more tips on home storage, consult a storage facility in Miami, FL.


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