Item Restrictions in Storage Facilities in Pembroke Pines, FL


Self storage is like an extra supply room and garage. It has become a popular option for businesses and homes that are experiencing an overflow in items needed to be stored.

Self storage options are plenty in Pembroke Pines FL. There are a number of storage facilities that can be of service to those who need help. What people in Pembroke Pines FL should bear in mind is that these facilities have certain restrictions on the items allowed inside their premises. Restrictions exist to protect the clients, their belongings, the self storage personnel and staff, and the whole facility.

In general, the items that are considered to be inherently dangerous are not allowed inside storage facilities. Combustible, flammable, hazardous, toxic, and other deadly materials are example of inherently dangerous items. You are not allowed to bring gasoline, narcotics, biological wastes, fertilizers, paints, fireworks, explosives, weapons, and ammunitions in your self storage unit.

Aside from inherently dangerous items, here is a list of some items that are restricted or regulated by self storage facilities in Pembroke Pines FL:

  • Perishable foods.

Cereals, vegetables, meat, and other animal products are not allowed in a self storage unit. Even climate-controlled conditions cannot guarantee that they will not spoil. Spoiled food are the causes of many problems including pests.

  • Medical supplies and/or equipment.

Most medical supplies and equipment are accepted in self storage facilities. Sales representatives of different medical companies often seek the services of a self storage unit. However, certain restrictions apply to this category. Of course, radioactive equipment and medical products are not allowed.

  • Construction materials.

Like medical equipments, equipment and materials used for construction are heavily regulated by self storage facilities. For instance, equipment used to locate underground water is never allowed in a self storage unit. Check with your self storage facility about their regulations regarding construction materials.

  • Vehicles.

There is a special self storage unit used for vehicles, vehicular tools, accessories, and tires. Self storage facilities look for  registration and insurance papers as a safety protocol. There are some self storage facilities that limit tire storage up to four tires because of the cost incurred when disposing them.

  • Plants and Animals

Whether alive, dead, or preserved, animals and plants are not allowed to be kept in self storage facilities. Maintenance entails high costs for these items.

To avoid having problems, make sure to do a preliminary inventory of the things you wish you store. Have a self storage facility manager check your items to ensure that you comply with their item restrictions. Do this ahead of time to avoid inconveniences in packing, organizing, and moving into your self storage facility in Pembroke Pines FL.


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