Tobacco Grinders: Use and Maintenance


Tobacco grinders are especially useful if you roll your own cigarettes or cigars. Make sure you know how to use it before you buy one. Here is a brief outline of how to use tobacco grinders.

  1. Separate the two halves of the grinder. Place a pinch of tobacco in the 4th, 8th, and 12th o’clock positions. Press the tobacco down between the teeth of the grinder. Press the lid of the grinder onto the bottom half. Afterwards, press the teeth on the top of the grinder into the tobacco.
  2. Twist the lid back and forth while holding the grinder upright. Continue doing this until all the tobacco is shredded. Then, tap the bottom of the grinder against a hard surface, to put the tobacco in the collection chamber.
  3. Remove the lid and the bottom half of the grinder from the collection chamber. You will get some finely shredded tobacco that is ready to be used. Not that there are some tobacco grinders that have another chamber below the collection chamber. This second chamber is designed to collect fine particles of tobacco that can be used as snuff.

Tobacco grinders are very easy to use. But over time, they accumulate residues that cause grinders to function less efficiently. So it is not enough that you know how to use your grinders. You must also know how to maintain it. Maintaining tobacco grinders are essential to maximize durability and ensure optimal functioning. Here is a brief outline of how to clean and maintain tobacco grinders.

  1. Disassemble your grinder and remove any leftover tobacco particles.
  2. Fill an airtight glass container with isopropyl alcohol. Use a concentration of 90% or higher.
  3. Place the grinder’s components in the alcohol-filled airtight glass container and close the lid.
  4. Let the parts of the grinder soak in the alcohol for ten minutes. Gently shake the container to loosen any tobacco particle that may have become stuck in the grinder.
  5. Remove the grinder from the alcohol-filled airtight glass container and scrub away any stubborn tobacco particles.
  6. Rinse your grinder with water and let it sit to dry.
  7. Once dried, reassemble your tobacco grinder. It is ready again for use.


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