Resound Your Personal Style in Your Wedding Playlist


You have waited long for this. You peek through your sheer veil at the smartly dressed guests all buzzing with pleasant anticipation as everyone waits for you to breeze down the aisle. Your gaze briefly scans the hall and rest upon the man of your dreams, standing at the altar waiting for his future wife. This perfect moment can only get better when accompanied with the right rhythms and melody.

So as the wedding bells preach the happy heartbeat of the newlyweds, let our seasoned wedding DJs do a merry mix of your choice musical pieces that will express your feelings on your big day. Tailor fit your wedding day reception and ceremony according to your musical taste and personality.

Something old. Leave it to the masters, Wagner, Bach, Beethoven or Handel, to set the mood of the occasion with classical pieces that have weathered the test of time.

Something new. Don’t shy away from playing recent music chart toppers for your wedding since they are every bit as meaningful. Pump up the celebration with your favorite  rock ‘n’ roll, pop, country or R&B hits.

Something borrowed. Send off the couple to their new life together with passionate music from the international scene.   Bring out some Caribbean, reggae and Latin beats to add flavor and romance to the atmosphere.

Something blue. Believe in the power of blues for its distinct funky and soulful tunes to liven up the ambiance of your important day.

A sixpence in your shoe! To make your day more memorable, we can guide you in choosing songs that will capture your grand feelings, without you breaking the bank.

You simply do not need good luck charms to create the playlist with your personal touches for your processionals, entrance songs and dances, you can count on our services to see that everything is in a well-blended harmony.  Surely, no wedding ceremony is complete without the accompaniment of the musical scores that will express the pleasurable emotions everyone has for the lovely couple. For a perfect wedding in Tampa, Florida, our professional wedding DJ can assist you in arranging the ideal music score of your happy ending.


Diamond Events Inc.
5470 E Busch Blvd Ste 135, Tampa, FL 33617

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