Holiday Cuticle Care


With the party season just around the bend, the modern belle of the ball should be ready for some serious partying spree. Enjoy the festivities with good friends, great food and dashing looks. Always amp up your oomph factor with a tastefully styled wardrobe.  But after picking out the right dress and shoes, do not forget to match your holiday outfit with beautiful and well-kept hands and feet.

It is no secret that the key to sexy paws is manicures and pedicures. Manicures and pedicures do not only clean your nails but they also help moisturize your hands and soles. Maintaining a regular manicure and pedicure schedule with your nail technician will go a long way from just having clean cuticles. Keeping your claws regularly manicured can prevent nasty hang-nails, delicate fingernails and unsightly wrinkles in the hands and cuticles. In the same way, pampering yourself with pedicures can protect you from common foot problems such as calluses and in-grown toe nails.

Manicure and pedicure treatments complete your beauty routine.  The basic treatment starts with soaking the hands and feet in warm soapy water to soften the skin. Then, they are gently scrubbed, moisturized and massaged.  Nails are clipped to keep them neat and dainty.

You can either skip the polish and be done with nude nails or you can don a festive spirit and paint your nails with polishes that are seasonally appropriate. For this party-hopping season, you can never have too much of sparkly things, so go ahead and glam up with glittery gold nails. If you are opting for a more sophisticated appeal, the deep, dark jewel-tone nail polish is ideal for you.

Always maintain strong and healthy nails for they protect the tips of your hands and toes, plus they are essential in many everyday activities.  You should not grow out nails more than a quarter inch past the tips of your fingers for anything longer may verge on looking tacky.

Give serious attention to your nail health, consider having a professional pedicure and manicure at least once every month. Visit Monaco Boutique and Salon in Tampa, Florida for a polished look, from head to toe.


Monaco Boutique and Salon
2907 West Kennedy Boulevard, Tampa, FL 33609

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