Tips When Looking for Storage Units in Miami, FL


The lack of storage space can be a source of problems for apartment tenants. How on earth will you shove tons of your stuff in such a small area? Surely, the furniture pieces are not the only necessities you have. You have your clothes, shoes, bags, books, and other mementos worth keeping. How do you solve this storage space scarcity? Scouting for storage units in Miami, FL can be a start.

Over the years, apartment tenants have also been tenants in several storage units in the area. Just like you, they started with little to no knowledge of what to expect and look for in storage units. But they have compiled tips and tricks that they have picked up through the years of renting storage units. Here are four things that you need to know about storage unit rentals in Miami, FL– things that they don’t mention at the front desk when you sign up!

1. You may negotiate with your monthly rates. Prices of storage units fluctuate depending on demand. If a storage facility has a lot of units they are looking to fill, you may be able to negotiate them down and work out a deal. A storage facility may also offer special rates and promotions depending on the season.

2. You may inquire about additional fees. Some storage facilities ask for a one-time administration fee, lock purchase, and stored property insurance. Others, however, have their insurance fee separated from this one-time fee. Make sure you clear everything before signing any lease agreement.

3. You may factor in location when deciding on a unit. Why? Because you need to check on your storage unit regularly to make sure there are no problems. Renting a space that is conveniently located in your apartment or office address can make your life easier.

4. You may opt for a climate controlled unit if you are worried about moisture and mold. Changes in temperature and humidity can destroy furniture, upholstery, photos, and documents. So if you have such valuable items in your storage unit, renting a climate controlled one may be such a wise decision.

Use these four tips wisely as you look for storage units in Miami, FL. Good luck on your search!

Ives Dairy Self Storage
20340 NE 15th CT Miami, FL 33179

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