Programmable Genie Garage Door Remote Control


Genie garage doors in Wesley have remote control and clicker units that should be programmed appropriately before you can use them. Here are simple instructions when programming your garage door remote:

  1. Take the light cover off your genie garage door opener.
  2. Look for the black logic board.
  3. Press the learn button found on the logic board. The learn button is usually colored red or black. It can be partially covered by a light bulb in some cases. You need to remove the light bulb first if that happens.
  4. Do not let go of the learn button until the indicator light flashes on. Be patient. Some models take longer time for this.
  5. Get your genie garage door remote/ genie garage door clicker and look for its transmitter button.
  6. Press the transmitter button in your remote, and the learn button in your opener at the same time.
  7. Afterwards, release them at the same time, too.
  8. Listen for the click or observe the confirmation flash. This signals that your genie garage door remote/genie garage door clicker is already programmed.
  9. Put back the cover of your garage door opener.
  10. Test your garage door remote/garage door clicker.

If this does not work, check if there are specific instructions that come with your genie garage door remote control unit. Different models slightly vary so it is best for you to double check if there are additional instructions in your manual. There should be some instructions with new remotes and you may also be given directions on your logic board.

In case you have broken or lost the remote that you originally programmed, you may opt to replace it with something that matches the original. But if that is impossible, then just go find yourself a universal garage door clicker. This is the most viable option there is when faced with this kind of problem.

If you are still having a difficulty programming your genie garage door remote, consult with a garage door service provider in Wesley. There might be some fixing with the electronics and wiring that needs to be done.

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