How Can Residential Homes Benefit from Cat5 Installation?


Back then, CAT5 cables were believed to be better utilized for business and Information Technology. These cables weren’t a popular choice for residential installations. However, this has changed and for over five years, there have been an increasing demand for Cat5 Installation for home networking.

What has brought about the change? There are several benefits of Cat5 Installation for the residential home. It is mostly used to connect everyone in the house to one family network. It can be for sharing information or shared internet access. But, there are more benefits worth looking into. Learn more about them so you’d know why you might need CAT 5 cable installation in your home too.

  • For sharing files– Cat5 Installation allows easy access to any computer in the house that is connected to the network. The family enjoys shared network drives, have several backup options and a central location for big files like videos, audios and photos.
  • For shared internet access– Cat5 Installation allows the family to share the internet connection as long as the network is configured that way. The family can subscribe to a cable or DSL connection and it can already support at least four computers in a home network. The family can save on internet costs on this one.
  •  For gaming– Online games are getting better and better and a lot of people are getting interested and quite addicted. CAT 5 cable installation is great for gaming consoles as it requires an ethernet connection for internet access. Such cable installation will allow the player to play with other players around the world and download upgrades with ease.
  • For home offices– Home offices are a thing now with more and more people doing their jobs and businesses at home. Cat 5 cable installation benefits home-based businesses that need a network like Computer Technicians, Software Support, Medical Billing and Coding and the likes. Such businesses rely heavily on network resource sharing and internet connection.


Certainly, technology is helping each and every one of us to live a more comfortable life. If you’re someone who wants to do things at home and make sure that you have everything you need there, then get a CAT 5 cable installation. A network based on CAT 5 offers you convenience and most importantly, the flexibility to be more efficient with the tasks you need to do.

Look for a local telecom company that can do the CAT 5 cable installation at your home at an affordable price. Also, look into the quality of CAT5 cables they are using as well as the post-installation services they are offering.


Tribute Telecom, LLC
701 S Howard Ave Suite 106-351 , Tampa, FL 33606

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