Getting Through the Holidays with Physical Therapy


Skiing, ice skating, sled riding! These are the most common activities you see during the holidays. The body has lesser ability to adapt to the cold weather compared to heat, thus, leading to greater stress to our bodies. Exercising during the cold requires a higher oxygen level and without a well-tuned body, you are most likely to give up. Conserving body heat is the top tip in keeping up with the sport.

  • Blood vessel constriction– the cold weather will decrease blow flow to your proximal extremities making them susceptible to frostbite. Muscle strain may also occur so a well-toned body through physical therapy that involves good stretching will help reduce the occurrence of strains and help dilate those blood vessels.
  • Shivering– shivering is a response of the body to increase body heat; but shivering is known to consume more oxygen and will lead to fatigue as you go on with your activity. Physical therapy will help in reducing the need for you to shiver during the cold as your muscles are relaxed and blood is adequately distributed throughout your body. This is a good way for you to endure the exposure to the cool breeze and icy ground.
  • Risk for dehydration– the risk for you to be dehydrated during the cold is higher than exercising during warm weather. The exchange of oxygen through exhaling is humidified and thus leading to dehydration. Most do not see or feel the need for more water because they are blinded by the thought that it is less likely to be dehydrated when you do not perspire. Physical therapy helps in strengthening your lungs by keeping the muscles more reliable in expanding. The effort exerted by the lungs can be lessened when your whole body is free of stress nodes and stiff chest muscles.
  • Body weight– never be afraid to add some weight during this season for you to endure the cold. Being health conscious is not a good idea during these days as it can ruin you.

If you think that spending time jogging and exerting too much effort will keep you warm during the season, then think again. You can always look for another option and that would be a good calming physical therapy.


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