Winter Preparations for Your New Garage Door


Besides sprucing up the inside of your home, items in your garage need attention, especially your new garage door itself. Not just because you think that your new garage door is sturdy enough since it has not been exposed much to storms or extreme heat, you are sure enough that you and your family is safe from all that could happen. Residents from Palm Harbor are taught to be prepared for the season as the garage door is one of the protective barriers of your home.

Common problems with New Garage Doors

  • Difficult to open- due to the extreme weather, your new garage door is not saved from an accumulation of dust or water in between parts or panels; this is the cause of all the unwanted effects of ice and dust formation.
  • Creaky doors- as your new garage door opens and closes, it moans and groans as if it were being tortured. This problem is caused by lack of lubricants that is more than important in keeping your new garage door moving.
  • Clickers/ openers- when your new garage door is not well-maintained, your clickers are the ones to suffer the most. As your garage door gets heavier, more work is given to them; thus, not only is your new garage door damaged, but also its accessories.

How to Prepare?

  • Regular cleaning- a gentle soap on your new garage door will keep the grimes of the summer season away such as dust, mud stains and other debris that could add weight to your new garage door. Applying a protective layer of wax will keep water flowing down and avoiding it to freeze during the extreme cold weather. A cleaning routine is always the key to a lighter garage door.
  • Water seal- often will you encounter ice in between the moving parts of your new garage door. This makes it heavier and more difficult for the garaged door to move. Weatherstripping or silicone lubricants will help and ease the moving parts of your new garage door, but make sure not to use petroleum-based lubricants because they attack rubber. Some parts of your new garage door should remain flexible to be effective; so watch out on the items you use.

The most common problems you encounter with your new garage door during the season of giving can be prevented by providing extra care and attention.


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