Getting the Right DJ for Your Wedding


How do you envision your wedding reception? Are you seeing all your guests having a good time, smiling and enjoying themselves? At a wedding reception, the food and the program sure adds to the fun but that’s not enough. These things won’t keep your guests entertained for 2 to 3 hours. So what is the secret?

The secret is providing great music to create the ambiance that your guests will be comfortable with. And this will highly depend on the Orlando, FL wedding DJ you will hire. Yes, you can work with your disk jockey regarding the wedding playlist you want but it’s how your disk jockey plays them through the night. And what if the playlist is done with? You have to trust your disk jockey to keep playing awesome music.

There are couples that hire live bands instead. However, there are so many couples today who are also saving money. Hiring a wedding DJ is definitely cheaper and they offer more value to your money too especially if you compare the hourly rate of disk jockeys to live bands. Another benefit of hiring a disk jockey is that he can be your host too.

Your wedding playlist is very important at your wedding reception. And with everything you have to do for the wedding, you can’t just spend your time crafting the wedding playlist yourself. Wedding DJs know how to make playlists with ease. They are experts in this job and they know it like the back  of their hands. Getting their help in creating the playlist should save you the time and effort. Of course, you will still have the last say.

How do you find the right wedding DJ then? The best way is to ask for referrals from friends and relatives are already married. Ask about the disk jockey they hired and if they would recommend it to  you. If they don’t have anyone to refer, you can ask the venue of your choice if they have a staple disk jockey there. If the venue is keeping this disk jockey around, their clients must be satisfied. After all, they won’t risk their name by referring someone who isn’t as good.

When you have a short list of all the wedding disk jockeys you are eyeing on, talk to them personally. Know more about them and their body of work. During this meeting, assess if you are fully confident with his skills and if he actually understands the wedding playlist you want. If  you feel contented and satisfied, book the guy already.


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