What is SIP VOIP? Do You Really Need It?


There’s so many technology-driven words today that makes it hard to keep up with all of them. Unfortunately, you have to take some time to know about them because often, it will benefit your business. Right now, we will talk about SIP VOIP, what it is and why your business will need it.

First, what does it stand for? SIP VOIP is Session Internet Protocol Voice-over Internet Protocol. Wow, that’s a mouthful and you probably have no idea what those individual words mean too, unless you’re a computer expert which you aren’t. So, let’s try to understand these terms.

This is SIP is a type of technology used to improve phone systems around the world. In order to enjoy this benefit, you must find an SIP service provider. Since you’ve been using the normal telephone system, it has to be converted to an SIP-capable one. This process is called SIP trunking and your service provider can do this for you. What is the benefit of SIP trunking? Your telephone system will now be connected to the internet.

Now that you have your SIP, you can now take advantage of the VOIP. Instead of using the normal phone systems to make calls, you can now use the internet to make those calls through VOIP technology. Your company benefits a lot from this because SIP VOIP enables you to make cheaper calls around the world, since you are using the internet. In addition, your phone number turns into an  IP address rather than a public switched telephone network (PSTN) number.

What if you’d like to call another SIP phone system? This is simple. You just have to connect with the other party’s IP address. But what if you need to make a call to a PSTN number? This is possible too and it will only require your IP address to be adjusted when you make the call.

So, what are the true benefits of investing on SIP VOIP? First, the internet offers a very fast connection, which will enable you to make smooth calls all over the world.  Second, all distances are equal in  the eyes of the internet, so if you’re calling someone on the other side of the planet, the cost remains the same. Third, VOIP calls are a lot cheaper and you can even enjoy unlimited calls too. And lastly, VOIP offers a lot of other features like call forwarding, video conferencing, 3-way calling and many more.


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