Transmission Repair Services in Tampa, FL


We may all love our cars that much, but we are all guilty of taking them for granted in one way or another. For instance, most car owners in Tampa FL have no idea on what transmission repair is all about and how important it is to avoid having a rebuilt transmission. Not that having a rebuilt transmission is bad. The point is that with regular transmission maintenance and minor transmission repairs, then your car may need not undergo transmission rebuild.

Transmission repair services in Tampa, FL normally includes diagnostics, comprehensive inspection, and test drive. Through these services, mechanics can take note of the parts that require replacement for those that need repair only.

One of the most delicate transmission repair services is transmission rebuilds. Before proceeding with a transmission rebuild, it is important to know the root cause of the transmission problem. Professional mechanics in Tampa, FL surely know this fact beforehand. After having a general idea of the problem and making an informed plan on how the transmission repair or rebuild should go about, a typical transmission rebuild process including the following steps will take place:

  1. The transmission is removed from the vehicle, placed on a working bench, and subsequently dismantled for analysis and inspection.
  2. The transmission is chemically cleaned through a quick run through with a parts washer.
  3. Parts that need replacement, including seals and gaskets, are replaced with new ones. Replacement of parts happen while the transmission is mounted on a transmission rebuild work bench.
  4. Electrical repairs, if there are any, are completed.
  5. The transmission is re-installed in the vehicle.

Once the transmission rebuild is done properly, the vehicle’s transmission will work as if it came straight from the manufacturing plant. A rebuilt transmission feels as good as new, if not better. Most car owners who are working with rebuilt transmission are very well satisfied.

Again, we need not wait for transmission problems to occur for us to visit an auto repair shop specializing in transmission repair. Some mechanics advise us to follow a schedule in terms of transmission diagnostics and repair. There may also be recent developments with transmission technology and parts since we bought your vehicle so a transmission repair service including rebuild may be the best chance to get hold of the latest and updated parts in Tampa, FL. These updates do not only improve the performance of our transmission, they also lengthen its life.

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