How to Restore Credit Rating


Your credit rating may wallow in the mud because of simple things like a forgotten gas card bill, or bigger ones like late payments to the mortgage company. Falling behind on debt obligations is very common with the current state of our economy. But this is not to say that it is acceptable; failure to pay debts on time make your credit score low, which eventually, will make it harder to borrow money from lenders.

Fortunately, there are ways to restore credit rating to good standing. Here are six ways on how to successfully do this:

  1. Start paying bills on time. Do your best to follow the due date. Even if you do not have money for a minimum payment by the indicated due date, but will have money by the following week, then pay it next week. A few days late is better than doubling up your payment the next month because by that time it will already be 30 days late and may have had a huge effect on your credit score.
  2. Check your report for errors. You are entitled to a free copy of your credit report every 12 months. You may even ask for a free copy in case you need it. Check for errors and report them immediately. Getting those erroneous claims off your record will help you restore credit rating ASAP.
  3. Don’t borrow money you don’t need. An average American consumer carries between five and 10 credit cards in his or her wallet. Why does this happen? It is because a lot of stores give 10 percent discount if you sign up for their card. Don’t fall for this! You will just end up having another card in your wallet. It may make you feel like you can buy anything and save money in the process, but in reality, it will just make your debts pile up.
  4. Call your creditors and inform them if you’re having a hard time making your monthly payments. Insist on speaking on the manager to make the transaction faster.
  5. Pay off your balances before incurring any new debt. This is hard, but you have to try. If you have multiple credit cards, send in as much as you can to the one with the highest interest rate, while continuing to make minimum payments to your other cards. Once the card with the highest rate is already paid off, focus with the next highest rate. Continue this ritual until you have paid all the debts you have incurred in different cards. Bringing your credit card balances to zero is one of the best ways to restore credit rating making you more credit-worthy.
  6. Start using cash. By handing over cold hard cash for every purchase you make, it will be easier to keep track of how much you are spending on a daily basis. Hopefully, you will not spend more than you can earn.

If all else fails, it is time to seek professional help to successfully restore your credit rating. There are credit rating restoration companies in Florida that can help you restore credit rating ASAP.


Bill Lavender Credit Restoration Services
503 E Jackson St, #251, Tampa
505 Westbrook Ave, Brandon, FL
(352) 208-5922

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