Public Storage Space in Jacksonville, FL


There is a high demand on public storage space rentals due to the limited residential and commercial storage space available for ordinary homeowners in Jacksonville, FL. Public storage space is sorted according to various categories: its location, terms of use, as well as types of items stored. Popular categories of storage facilities include indoor storage, outdoor storage, long term storage, short term storage, self storage, climate controlled, and portable storage.

1.       Indoor and Outdoor Storage Space

As the name suggests, indoor storage spaces are housed within an enclosed structure. Indoor storage space normally has common hallways. Each unit has an average size of 25 square feet, which is more or less about twice the size of a normal garage. Indoor storage spaces are more commonly used as a residential storage than a commercial one.

Outdoor storage spaces, on the other hand, are commonly used for storing vehicles. Outdoor storage spaces accommodate boats, motorcycles, RVs, and trucks.

2.       Long-Term and Short-Term Storage

Long-term storage spaces keep possessions for a longer time frame. The set-up, of course, still depends on the life span of the item to be kept. Chemicals, for instance, need a lot of preparation before being accepted into a long term storage space facility. Long-term storage space is commonly used for residential properties that are not used anymore but are not thrown away due to sentimental value.

Meanwhile, short term storage facilities are perfect for people who are leaving town for a small period of time (from a few days to a month). This type of storage space is availed by people who do not want to leave their important belongings at home while they are away in fear of being robbed.

3.       Self Storage Space

Self storage spaces are perhaps the most versatile of all storage spaces. They can be used as a commercial storage and residential storage space.

4.       Climate Controlled Storage Space

Best used for commercial storage purposes, as well as sensitive items such as priceless heirlooms and important documents, climate controlled storage spaces are a bit pricier than the other types of storage spaces in Jackson, FL due to the technology and degree of expertise it requires. Climate controlled storage space in Jackson, FL prevent the occurrence of moisture, mildew, and molds to very important properties.

5.       Portable Storage Space

Portable storage spaces are normally offered as part of tractor-trailer units. Facilities that offer portable storage space and deliver them to a business address or home address whichever may apply. The clients fill the units up and then return them to a centralized holding storage facility.

These are the types of storage space that you may rent depending on your needs. For more information about storage space rentals in Jacksonville, FL, visit the nearest facility in your area.


Jacksonville Storage
10724 Lem Turner Rd., Jacksonville, FL 32218

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