Winter Season Problems and Hardwood Floor Repairs


A good choice of hardwood floors is those that respond to the season changes. This happens by expanding and contracting to maintain its quality; during the dry weather, the material contracts and as the winter season comes, moisture fills the air and thus your floorings absorb and expand. With this, problems arise and the only way you can fight expensive hardwood floor repairs is to be prepared.

  • Humidity controls: Common problems that hardwood floor repair companies encounter is the result of humidity and moisture. You will notice that your hardwood floor is too flexible that the usual. Maintaining a dry atmosphere at home is not very easy especially during the winter season; there are tools and appliances that you can get to maintain and control the amount of moisture in your home.
  • Cracks and  separations:  You are required to have heaters at home to keep your family at ease during the extreme cold, when the homes are heated and the air is too dry, your wood floors give up some of its moisture and shrinks. You will be able to notice fine lines or cracks; this can be the start of the major problems with hardwood floor repairs when not taken into action.
  • Cupping and crowning:  Cupping is when the edges of your wood floors are high and the center is low. This is when moisture is absorbed by the wood floor through spills or even high humidity. Hardwood floor repair companies identify this problem as an imbalance in moisture when it is wetter at the bottom of the material.  Hardwood floor repairs in this case starts by eliminating the source of moisture control and accidents involving water. Crowning is the opposite; the center of the board is higher than its edges. In this case, the same routine on hardwood floor repairs is used.
  • Buckled floors: This is when the flooring literally pulls away from the subfloor, lifting up to several inches in one or more places. This is common during the season due to the immediate change of weather where the floor does not respond to the change easily. It is best to take the piece of board immediately and have air circulate through the board.

These are just a few of the problems you may encounter as winter comes and it is best to know immediate actions when it comes to hardwood floor repairs.

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