Wear the Perfect Wedding Shoes for Your Winter Wedding


A winter wedding is something special and memorable. Just imagine the scenario where you exchange vows, it’s unlike any other. Picking the winter season to be the time for you to get married is an awesome decision. You’ll  have a very unique wedding and an event to remember by.

However, planning a winter wedding in Tampa, FL may not be what you expect. There won’t be snow anywhere but you’ll still enjoy the cool breeze. On the other hand, if you’re planning to have the winter wedding elsewhere, somewhere where it does snow, there’s no stopping you from shopping for your wedding necessities in Tampa.

With a winter wedding, picking wedding shoes is more of a concern than picking the wedding dress. This is because with  a dress, you can easily cover it up if you feel cold. But with shoes, you must make sure that it’s comfortable even when you’re walking on snow.

For sure, you want to look like an ice princess on your wedding day and you’d want to wear high heels that match your dress. But this may not be the best option for wedding shoes to wear.  Anyhow, let’s look at the factors to consider when picking your shoes:

  • Location– If you are having your wedding in a rural setting, wearing satin heels is a no-no. If you’re sure to walk on mud or snow, wearing thin heels is out of the picture. What you’d want to wear are wedding shoes that are high enough to keep the hem of the wedding dress from touching the ground. Also, you should choose shoes that have thicker heels.
  • Material– While satin shoes are the best for weddings, it isn’t a good choice if you have an outdoor wedding. It can easily get stained from the mud and snow. Instead, pick a leather pair of shoes as it is more withstanding during this type of season.
  • Stay Warm– Open-toe shoes sure are delightful but staying warm is the priority. Make sure your feet are covered with the shoes and wear pantyhose as well. If you like to wear flats, pick jazz flats as they have more solid soles.
  • Style– Now, this is where you can freely choose what you want as long as the wedding shoes has thick heels, keeps your feet warm and is made of durable material. It is recommended that you wear something that can stay on your foot even if you walk on snow, something with a lace or sling-back.


Winter weddings can be magical, like a fairy-tale setting come to life. But don’t just be focused on your decors and venue. Make sure you are comfortable with your shoes. You don’t want to be falling down or having worn out shoes throughout the event.


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