Should You Get A Wireless or Wired Network for Your Office?


Today, Tampa, FL offices cannot function at optimal level without the help of an internet network. Simply, the internet just makes things a lot easier for a company. Every company knows the importance of the internet. The better question is, what type of internet networking is better for an office setup?

Companies get to choose between a wireless or wired network to install. Over the past years, wireless technology has captivated the world but is it really the best option for an office setup? Is the speed of wireless networking catching up with wired networks?

Wireless networking sure does offer more flexibility and convenience to employees. But will a company prioritize this over internet reliability and dependability? Let’s evaluate some factors to consider here:

  • Speed

When talking about speed, wireless networks may never match the speed of wired networks. And we all know how important having a speedy internet connection is at the office. Wireless networks can go up to 300mbps but that’s a boost speed. Rarely do users enjoy this speed when using a wireless connection.

But with a wired network, speed can even go as high as gigabytes. And since there are no speed fluctuations, the connection remains consistent. This cannot be said true of wireless connections where signal drops and interference are a usual complaint.

  • Dependability

Wireless networks, as previously mentioned, are prone to signal drops and interference, which can really affect a connection’s reliability and dependability. When signals are lost, employees cannot use the internet properly. Even the slowing down of the internet connection is a big inconvenience already.

But with wired networks where physical cables are used, signal interference is less likely to happen. These physical cables allow the speedy connection and internet performance to remain consistent. In networking, you can always put your trust on cables.

  • Security Issues

A big problem with wireless networking is security issues. Basically, with data transferred through the air, it can be easily intercepted. Although enabling an encryption should help the connection become more secure, hackers can still breach through.

On the other hand, a wired network is more protected from security threats. Only someone who will tamper with the physical infrastructure can pose a security threat to the network.

So, when choosing an internet network for your office, don’t just think about what’s “hot” or “popular” today, look into these three factors instead. Your office internet network must be fast, reliable and secure.


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