How to Maintain your Blow Outs


Girls know by now that perfect blow outs can only be achieved inside a professional salon. We also know that blow outs are sometimes washed out the next day. But what if we could stretch our blow outs and make it to last for four, five, or even seven days?

A senior salon stylist at Hair Obsessions, Port Richey, FL shared with us some tricks of the trade for making blow outs last.

  • Invest on hair-friendly tools.

Having the right materials is essential to maintain salon blow outs. Satin pillowcases, Velcro curlers, a curling iron, shine spray, dry shampoo, a handkerchief and a fabric scrunchy are some of the hair-friendly tools one should have to make blow outs last longer.

  • Know the proper way of sleeping.

Hair turns into a tangled mess while sleeping. Using elastics on hair is not helpful as they put stress on hair strands and create unnatural creases at the top of the hair. This is where the fabric scrunchy comes in. It is a way to loosely put up the hair to avoid deep creases and tangles. Use the scrunchy to make a loose, high, bun, leaving out the front sections of the hair, and then put the noggin down on a satin pillowcase. Satin pillowcases helps frizz from forming.

  • Shower right.

There are a couple of ways to shower while keeping the hair intact. The first is to use a shower cap. Some suggest tying a handkerchief around the hairline first before donning the cap for extra protection against water. Another suggestion is to wrap large sections of hair in Velcro curlers, put on the shower cap, and then have a shower. This gives the hair a volume and curl boost while washing.

  • Learn the in-between-days tricks to keep blow outs looking fresh.

Blow outs look pretty fresh a day after getting it from the salon. The day after, limp strands may be a problem. Some salon stylists advise clients to turn a straight blow outs into loose waves by wrapping sections around the barrel of a medium-sized curling iron. Alternatively, shine spray may be used to keep hair looking healthy and bouncing. On the third or fourth day, grease may start to show. Use dry shampoo when this happens. Make sure to follow instructions on the bottle to extend the blow out for another day.

Stretching salon blow outs to five, six, or seven days means being creative with updo techniques. Ask the salon stylist for more updo options and more tricks of the trade when it comes to salon blow outs.

Hair Obsessions
5713 Richey Dr. Port Richey, FL 34668
(727) 847-0220

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