How to Use Hookahs


Among the best-selling products of smoke shops are hookahs. Hookahs are water pipes that originated in India and Persia. They are also referred to as Shisha pipes.

Hookahs are smoking devices that are used for the consumption of flavored tobaccos. Hookahs can be single-stemmed or multi-stemmed.  Like other water pipes, the hookah base is filled with water. Smoke passes through the hookah’s water basin. This helps to cool and filter the smoke before being inhaled by the smoker.

If you have just purchased your hookah from your local smoke shop in Tampa, here is an easy guide on how to set it up.

  1. Fill the hookah base with clean and cold water.  Adjust the level of water until you see that the end of the stem or pipe is fully submerged in water.
  1. After that, attach the other parts of the hookah to the water base. Hookahs have the following parts that need to be connected according to order:
    1. Water base
    2. Rubber seal
    3. Pipe
    4. Metal tray
    5. Grommet
    6. Clay bowl
    7. Wind covers
    8. Hose
    9. Rubber hose seal
  1. Put an ample amount of tobacco in the clay bowl or burner head. Smoke shop owners in Tampa recommend that you lightly mix up the tobacco to allow air to pass through it evenly. Make sure you leave at least  1/4 inch of space between the tobacco and the top of the burner head so that the coals will not scorch the tobacco leaves.
  1. Use an aluminum foil to cover hookahs. Foils should be wrapped tightly on water pipes so that they can sit flat and be able to hold coals.
  1. Poke tiny holes through the aluminum foil. You may use thumb tacks, safety pin, or the tip of a knife. Be careful not to make large holes so that the embers and ash from the coal will not fall down to the tobacco leaves.
  1. You may use the wind cover to protect the coal from wind gushes.
  1. Plug in the hoses. Hold the coals with the help of tongs in one hand. Light the coals with a lighter using the other hand.
  1. Inhale the smoke from your hookah. Relax… and enjoy the company of hookahs and water pipes!

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