Storage Unit Preparation for Winter


Keep it clean and organized. These are the two main reasons why owners do not enjoy or appreciate the benefits of having a storage unit. That is because of their lack of patience in preparing their items for the season changes. But how can you get through the winter season without making a mess on your storage unit? Let’s see how.

  • Pack up the summer: It is official, tube tops and trunks are not the best choice. You’re not going to need your water tubes and water guns anymore so it is best to pack them up and bring out the joyous winter tools like shovels, snow blower, and your slater. In packing your items, it is important for you to be able to identify the boxes needed for the right size and item. Place smaller items in uniformly sized boxes and completely fill each box with heavier items in the bottom and lighter items on top. This idea stacks easier and conserve space in your storage unit. You might be needing a lot of labeling since it would be a mess inside your storage unit once the winter season is over.
  • Clean up your storage unit: items come and go in your storage unit. Sometimes, you tend to forget what you put in and what should be thrown out. Some owners are too sentimental that they tend to keep all their knick knacks in their storage unit and then forget about it. The more you look into your items in your storage unit, the more money you save time and money; recycling items such as your Christmas decorations and other Christmas goods will be of great help. There is no need for you to spend and redecorate your home for the season, but enjoy your money spending more on food and gifts for the whole family.
  • Seal the doors: When picking a storage unit, make sure to look for a high maintenance unit. Since the cold front can damage your items, a storage unit that offers a great deal such as sealed units and high quality security systems will keep you at ease as you enjoy time at home.


More than a hundred storage units are available in Miami, FL; but a few are chosen. So make sure to spend your money on the right people and the right place.


Ives Dairy Self Storage
20340 NE 15th CT, Miami, FL 33179

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