Bridal Boutique for Your Winter Wedding Day


A winter wedding for a change. It is common to have your wedding day on the best seasons of the year such as the winter for everybody has time to be there because of the holiday vacation and preparations will be a blast. Snowflakes and pinecones are simple, elegant and less expensive motifs for your wedding and can be found in your favorite bridal boutique. Here are some ideas you can focus on when getting ready for the wedding of the year.

  • Wedding colors: red and greens really reflect the season. But do not abuse such colors for they will seem more holiday-oriented than you intended. Better pick one that has an elegant approach such as silver and white with crystal accents. This will surely add up to the glamor of your wedding motif. A white velvet runner trimmed with satin ribbon is a good choice when you drop by your bridal boutique and add on some crystal curtain backdrops adorned with hanging elegant white Phalaenopsis orchids.
  • Flowers: you would want calla lilies, roses for your wedding but your bridal boutique will surely suggest what’s hot. Consider fuller flowers such as white hydrangeas and ranunculuses. These can be made sparkly by wrapping your bouquet with crystal embellished ribbons.
  • Invitation: give your guests a heads up on the motif of your wedding so they won’t get lost in looking for the things to bring and the clothes to wear. Ask your bridal boutique shop about the best colors and perfect fonts that would give your wedding invitations the formal tone.
  • Centerpieces: icy vases are a good choice when you get into your bridal boutique. To heighten the drama, ask your florist to add up tall winter-white branches and hanging crystals to reflect the light from the tables.
  • Cocktails: a creative way to mash up the cold season with booze is making an eggnog cocktail. Putting up a table with white hot chocolate in small espresso cups and eggnog punches as your guests arrive will give a great impression for your wedding.
  • Cake: a white vintage-style cake dusted with edible silver powder is an elegant and creative way to put up your wedding cake. Put as many whites and crystals as possible. If you run out of possible ideas, your bridal boutique in Tampa, FL can be of help in looking for expert bakers.


Make it the wedding of the year as you go for the elegant, black and white motif with the sweet winter accents.


Perfection Prom and Bridal
10312 Bloomingdale Ave., Riverview, FL 33578

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