Waxing For the Season of Sharing


Waxing is one of the greatest inventions man has ever made. It is the solution for those who are scared of laser and chemical therapies. More and more women have changed from shaving to waxing as dark underarms are reduced and smoother skin is promoted. However, there are several things you have to consider in safe waxing to prevent you from having skin damage and other skin irritations.

Waxing precautions:

  • Pregnancy, birth control hormone intake, antibiotics: your skin is more sensitive during these times. When waxing, it is best to take a patch test for you to gauge your pain threshold and your skin’s integrity when introduced to the product. This is done by trying a small amount on your skin and observing for at least 24 hours.
  • Smokers: when you smoke, your nerve endings weaken. Waxing can irritate dilated capillaries and thus leaving your skin damaged.
  • Diabetes, phlebitis, and other diseases: waxing can be harmful for these conditions so it is best for you to get your doctor’ approval before waxing.
  • Use of powerful exfoliators: chemicals play a huge role in waxing. When your skin is exposed to harsh chemicals and exfoliator, the skin becomes thinner, making it more difficult for you to endure the pain.
  • Recent intake of caffeine or alcohol: these stimulants can make your skin extra sensitive to waxing, you will notice that your skin is redder than the usual effect of waxing.

Side effects of Waxing:

  • Redness or inflammation: it is normal to see redness after waxing, this is a common reaction of the skin after a procedure so do not be scared. However, when you notice that the redness does not subside after 24 hours, take action and go to a physician.
  • Ingrown hairs: this is common with a lot of hair removal methods. However, by prepping your skin properly before waxing and taking care of it afterwards, you are sure not to have this kind of problem.
  • Bumps: bumps are common for the first few times of use. Waxing can be painful too during the first time but the bumps and pain subside hours after waxing. Make sure not to misinterpret bumps from ingrown hair and have a proper aftercare of your skin.

Keep yourself pampered and comfortable with the help of waxing. But safety is the number one rule in this procedure, so it is best to be prepared.

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