Securing Your Mini Storage Unit


Falling victim to a burglary is always shocking. But do you know what comes more shocking than that? Yes, falling victim to a burglary when you thought your possessions are safe and secured in the mini storage unit.

Mini storage burglary has been on the rise. According to the 2012 Self-Storage Almanac report, 7 percent of facilities in the U.S. had reported break-ins or thefts in the previous year.

The best way to prevent and avoid such instances and theft is to be thorough when selecting a mini storage facility. Make sure you review all of the listed security features and visit the facility in person. Some of the features that you may want to check include the following:

  1. Video surveillance technology
  2. Access control system
  3. Individual door alarms

An access control system requires renters to use individual codes, remotes, or security cards to enter the facility. This technology not only gives self-storage managers a record of who’s using the facility at all times, but makes it harder for would-be burglars to enter. Meanwhile, individual door alarms provide an additional layer of security by immediately alerting self-storage operators if an unauthorized user enters a certain unit. These alarms are particularly effective in protecting against a common type of self-storage theft—an existing customer clearing out another customer’s unit.

While mini storage facilities in Orlando, FL have increased security details and features to protect their clients, it does not hurt to be proactive in preventing theft in your mini storage unit. If you have a few high-value items among your stored possessions, place them at the back of your unit. Doing so can protect your most important belongings from “crash and grab” theft where thieves break into several units and quickly take what they first deem as valuable and easy to grab. Also, take the time to choose a lock that holds up against bolt cutters. Avoid locks with longer shackles; instead, buy a disc lock or a cylinder lock which is difficult to cut.

Always be vigilant about the security of your mini storage unit in Jacksonville, FL. Start by finding the best facility in the area, and then double the security by doing your part.

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10724 Lem Turner Rd., Jacksonville, FL 32218

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