Haircut Trends for the Holidays


The holidays are already here! You know what this means, right? Parties here, there, and everywhere in Tampa! If you are thinking of attending some (if not all), then you may want to check these haircut trends for this year’s holiday season.

Haircut Style # 1: Long, Layered Hair

Accentuate your long hair with some layers. With this haircut, you can get away with anything by using a Volumizing spray or mousse before giving yourself a blowout using a round brush. You may wind your hair around the brush or use fat curlers to get big waves. This haircut style works best for people with long faces

Haircut Style # 2: Side Swept Bangs

If you are one of the girls with round faces, then this haircut is for you. Long side swept bangs create angles on a round face which the hair fall nicely, not to mention it gives an illusion that the face is not that round as a ball. A tip with bangs: blow dry it to control its direction.

Haircut Style # 3: Shoulder-length Pageboy Haircut

If you have super straight hair, then you are lucky because you can get away with almost any haircut style. But if you are born with curly hair, you have to be cautious of the haircut style that you will get. People with wavy curls may opt to grow their hair long. People with very curly hair, however, may opt to stick with a shoulder-length pageboy haircut. Imagine Corinne Bailey Rae’s beautiful curls: short enough to maintain, but long enough to prevent her hair from getting too big.

Haircut Style # 4: Layered Pixie

Another haircut hit for people with very curly hair is the layered pixie. Take the plunge with a pair of scissors to sport this very short crop. Be careful, though, because it takes some time before you and your friends get used to it.

Haircut Style # 5: Layered Bob with Side Swept Bangs

Still cannot decide? Why not combine the different haircut styles that we have already discussed? A layered bob with side swept bangs works with both straight and curly hair. Make sure you blow dry your hair before leaving the house to manage it well. Styling with mousse also helps to keep the bob stand out.

Go wow the crowd with these haircut tips for the holidays! Visit a professional hair salon in Tampa to see best results.

Monaco Boutique and Salon
2907 West Kennedy Boulevard, Tampa, FL 33609

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