Boxing as an Exercise for Weight Loss


The holiday season is characterized by parties and dinners. And what comes next after all this fun? You guess it right — WEIGHT GAIN. So before those body fats get warm and cozy inside of you, make sure you stay physically active this season. One of the physical activities that you may want to try is boxing.

Boxing is the hottest workout in fitness clubs today. Both men and women engage in this fun workout routine. If you are having second thoughts as to whether you should try it or not, here are some facts that will help you (hopefully) towards the affirmative direction.

1. Boxing will help you lose weight.

One of the most important reasons on why you should start boxing as an exercise is because it delivers major weight loss results. Boxing for only one hour per day can result in a calorie burn of nearly 600 calories. Boxing professionals recommend staying on a healthy diet to achieve optimum weight loss results.

2. Boxing improves your cardiovascular system.

Aside from weight loss, another reason on why you should start try boxing as an exercise is because of its wonderful effects on your cardiovascular system. Your cardiovascular system is composed of your heart, as well as the arteries and veins that deliver blood to and from the heart. Having a weak cardiovascular system can lead to shortness of breath, weakness, fatigue, heart attacks, and death. Research shows that the best way to strengthen a person’s cardiovascular system is by participating in activities that “stress” the heart — in a good way. These include activities like walking, swimming, biking, and of course, boxing.

3. Boxing increases muscle tone.

Weight loss is not effective if it leads to sagging skin. Thanks to boxing, you can lose weight while increasing muscle size and tone. Boxing is an effective way to tone the whole body — arms, chest, legs, and core as well. Increasing muscle tone not only makes you look lean and feel stronger, it also helps increase your agility. Boxing is a great workout especially if you don’t have a lot of time, because you can strengthen your entire body with only one type of exercise.

4. Boxing improves your mood.

Boxing as a form of exercise helps release endorphins into your bloodstream. Endorphins are hormones which work to improve your mood. Feeling depressed or slightly down? Enroll in a boxing class and box those sad feelings and stress away.

So what are you waiting for? Make the most out of your free time this holiday season by enrolling in a boxing class. Enjoy weight loss while having fun!


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