Common Problems with Garage Door Rollers


Garage doors won’t function properly if the rollers are broken. The problem is 99% of all new garage doors installed before 2008 in Palm Harbor come with low standard, stock garage door rollers. This means that if you do not have your garage doors regularly checked, the problems may have accumulated by now.

These problems may include accumulated grime, dust, and dirt that builds up inside the lip of the garage door rollers. Grime, dust, and dirt cause friction which reduces the efficiency of garage door rollers by up to 50%. Some people try to solve the problem by putting lubricants. However, lubrication of the garage door rollers won’t do any good because it causes the wheels to wear down pretty quickly.

If you fail to notice these little problems, then your garage door will eventually get caught on one side or the other. Why? Because the opener will be exerting force on the garage door rollers that are having a hard time turning. When your door gets caught, then any of these two can happen:

 1. The cable system of your garage door will fall apart.

This would be the most minimal damage, but it is still costly to repair. When the tension is loosened on one side of the door it causes the cable and spring system to become unbalanced. It will then wrap up the cable causing the door to come out of the tracks. Garage door repair in Palm Harbor includes putting the door back on the track and rebalancing the whole spring system; all because you ignored your garage door rollers.

 2. The whole garage door needs to be replaced.

When the cable system on your door falls apart, the opener may still continue to run. However, depending on the position of the door, which roller gets caught, and the setting of the opener, your garage door may turn into a useless scrap metal when the garage door rollers get jammed in the track. The panels will crease and bend like a taco, ruining the entire door, and eliminating any chance of repair. In this scenario, you have no choice but to get a brand new door. Hopefully this time, your garage door rollers are in good condition than the previous ones.

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