How to Maintain Your Hot Tub and Avoid Spa Repair


If you’re running a spa or have a hot tub at home, you can have your own way of maintaining your hot tub. Spa repair can get pricey depending on the problem you need fixed. So, the best way to fork out money is to keep the good condition of your hot tub.

Your hot tub should not only look clean and unblemished, it should perform at optimum too. The whole point of getting one is for relaxation. If it doesn’t perform well, the satisfaction you’ll get may not be what you paid for. Here are the most important parts of your hot tub to focus on so you can prevent costly spa repair:

  • Filters

You should know that a hot tub filter lasts a year at maximum. But every time you change the water, you must also switch the used filter with a dry one. The dry filter is better at killing microorganisms. Also, this helps prolong the life span of your filters.

The importance of replacing your filters every year is to avoid sucking particles that can affect the pump. When the filter is old, it creates larger spaces that clog these particles. So, if you don’t change the filters, you are putting the health of your spa pump to.

One tip though, you can rinse filters every two weeks or soak them every 3 to 4 months. Do this to prolong the life span of your filter cartridges.

  • Cover

Hot tubs need protectants. This serves as protection from the sunlight which can cause discoloration on your hot tub covers. Also, protectants help preserve your cover and avoid possible cracking. Protectants can be applied every month, especially during summer and every 3- 4 months on the other months. Do note that this only applies if your hot tub is outdoors. However, putting protectants on indoor hot tubs won’t be harmful too.

  • Drainage

A common spa repair problem is drainage. Your problem with the drains will depend on how and how often the hot tub is used. For outdoor hot tubs, drainage can be a problem during the winter months. Winterization is what you need to do to prepare your hot tub this season. This process involves draining all the water from the tub to avoid freezing of internal parts.

You can do away with simple ways of maintaining your hot tub but of course, professional maintenance is still needed. The companies that provide spa repair services also offer maintenance services. It is best that you call the guys who installed your hot tub in the first place.


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