Practice Firearm Safety at All Times


Holding a firearm or owning one means that you have to be responsible for it. Being around firearms has its risks, but if you exercise firearm safety, you can assure your safety as well as the other people around you. The safety rules aren’t rocket science, they are pretty basic which makes them very easy to follow. But let’s talk about the most common or fundamental safety rules to keep in mind:

  • Treat the firearm as if it is loaded every time.

This firearm safety rule doesn’t mean that you have to load your weapon every time, it just means that you have to believe that what you’re carrying is loaded. Knowing this, you will always handle the firearm with extra care and caution. After all, no one can really tell if the weapon is loaded or not just by looking at it.

  • Do not point the weapon at anything if you won’t shoot.

Think of your firearm as a tool. You use it for a specific purpose. You don’t hold a hammer if you don’t intend to pound on something. So, don’t point your gun at anything if you don’t intend to shoot anyway.

  • Put Your Weapon on Safe.

It is always best to pick a weapon with an external safety device. This firearm safety rule helps in preventing any unwanted or unintentional shots. Unlock the safety device only and only when you are ready to shoot your firearm. Do know that there have been many cases of people accidentally shooting themselves because they have disengaged the safety device while it isn’t pointing at a target yet.

  • Don’t place your finger on the trigger unless you’re ready to shoot.

Placing your finger on the trigger is the last thing you should do when firing a weapon. And after you shoot, you must take your finger off the trigger immediately too. This rule is about avoiding firing the weapon accidentally. Human fingers can flinch and if you put in on the trigger and let’s say, you accidentally tripped, the firearm will fire and you may hurt yourself or someone.

What you can do is enroll yourself in a school that teaches how to use a firearm and about firearm safety. Learn from the professional themselves. There are short courses that you can enroll in to make you a more responsible firearm owner. Remember that your firearm is your responsibility and only yours alone.


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