Treat Your Grandparents to A Therapeutic Massage this Holiday Season



A perfect way to treat your grandparents to a time of pampering and relaxation is through giving them a therapeutic massage gift certificate. Surely, your grandparents will appreciate this especially now that their aching bodies cause discomfort.

Aging or getting old is only but natural. However, this doesn’t mean that they cannot enjoy time to relax and just enjoy the benefits of massage. In fact, elderly citizens will benefit a lot from a therapeutic massage as it is very healthy. So, give them a gift certificate this holiday season and let them enjoy the health benefits of a massage.

Massage for the elderly is quite different than those for younger people. That’s simply because the bodies of the elderlies are more sensitive and fragile. Hence, you need to look for a massage parlor that offers elderly massage services. This means that the massage therapist assigned is trained and knowledgeable in massaging an aging body. Pressure and techniques applied will be different. Not only should the therapeutic massage be effective in relaxation, it should also be very comfortable.

With elderlies not being able to move around much or get physical, this weakens their bones and muscles. Common ailments that they have to suffer from everyday are joint pain, muscle pain and arthritis. Physical ailments are what bugs them the most. Therapeutic massage can really help manage the painful effects of these ailments.

The health benefits of elderly massage isn’t just hearsay. The National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork promotes elderly massage as a way to help ease physical aches and pains among elderlies.

What are the other benefits of therapeutic massage to elderlies? For one, it helps elderlies with Alzheimer’s to communicate better and relax. Next, it helps with arthritis pain management. Third, it helps improve and increase their range of motion. Fourth, massage helps promote joint lubrication which also helps in dealing with arthritis. Next, massage can improve the strength of the muscles as well as muscle coordination. Sixth, it helps improve posture and reduce muscle tension. And last, the calming effect helps them rest better and sleep longer.

All in all, these are the things that your grandparents can benefit from when you present that massage gift certificate. It’s really a small price to pay to ensure that your grandparents have a good time this holiday season, and a relaxing one at that too. Well, don’t forget your parents, they will enjoy that massage gift certificate as well.


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