Use the Right Storage Boxes During Your Move


When moving to another home, packing may not be your most favorite part of the process. Imagine packing every little thing you own and making sure they get to your new home safe and sound. It is for this reason why many people hire people to pack and move their stuff altogether.

This isn’t really a stressful task as you might think. In fact, if you pack your things yourself, you’ll be more efficient in unpacking and organizing your things later on. That’s because you know where everything is. Even if you just need to store these boxes in a self-storage unit for safe keeping, doing it alone is better. Plus, you can save cash too.

The Boxes You Need

What type of moving boxes do you need? Well, there’s a huge variety you can choose from. Sizes can range from extra small to extra extra large. If you have a specific size you need, you can get the box customized as well. Just to be sure with the size, measure the furniture or equipment you want to pack. Furthermore, when choosing a box, segregate your stuff early on.

After picking the boxes, don’t forget to purchase other packaging materials too. You will need bubble wraps for fragile and breakable things. Furniture covers are needed to provide extra protection to your furniture. Packaging tape is a staple and of course, some newspapers to protect small fragile materials.

To buy the right boxes, you can make a list of all the things you need to pack. For heavy items, go with smaller boxes because it is easier to carry them around. However, if you want to group items together like clothing, blankets, linens and etc., go for the larger ones.

Packaging Tips

Packing your things the right way to start with will make it less stressful for you later on. First, pick sturdy boxes even if they are more expensive. This is an investment you have to make as the box should withstand the transporting and moving. Second, smaller sizes are more ideal for stacking. Keep the sizes as uniform as you can. Third, don’t ever forget to label each box and be very specific about it. If there is fragile equipment inside, label it “fragile.” And lastly, use as much bubble wraps or tapes as you need to keep your things protected and secure.

It will be easy to find stores in Pembroke Pines, FL that sells all your packaging needs. Get everything you need to ensure your move will be a convenient and comfortable one.


Pembroke Pines Self Storage
10806 Pines Boulevard, Pembroke Pines, FL 33026

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