Will Keratin Hair Treatment Straighten Your Hair?


Women will pay a price for beauty and that means paying for hair treatments to achieve the look they want. Women who hate their unmanageable and frizzy hair choose to go for hair straightening treatments. Why? For one, it’s easier to maintain and second, the look is neat and clean.

The question to ask is this, what hair straightening treatment should you pick? These days, a keratin hair treatment is very popular. It is great for straightening hair as it has tons of benefits. However, this treatment is not for everyone and there are drawbacks as well. Let’s discuss this hair treatment a bit closer.

Keratin Hair Treatments

The keratin hair treatment for straightening is made of 100% natural keratin. It is actually a protein in human hair. Modern Tampa, FL salons like this treatment because the keratin naturally mixes with the natural keratin of the hair. Hence, the internal bonding of the hair isn’t badly affected at all. This hair straightening treatment aims to make the hair silkier, shinier and smoother by providing it the nutrition it needs.

When the keratin solution is applied to the hair, the hair technician will have to flat-iron your hair to make it sleek and straight. The process is a bit similar to rebonding but without the negative effects.

The Hair Benefits

The good thing about keratin hair treatment is that it can be used on different types of hair. Also, hair that has been chemically treated before can still use this treatment without a problem. The treatment is quite affordable, ranging around the price of $250. The results can last 4 months depending also on how you maintain it and external factors like weather and humidity in your city. If you’ve been experiencing falling hair, this treatment will help in regrowth and making your hair stronger.

Some Drawbacks

Keratin hair treatment is indeed effective but to maintain the results, you have to keep the process for at least three days. You have to continue ironing your hair and using the special salt-free shampoo to prolong the straight look. This can be uncomfortable but hey, there’s always a price to pay for beauty. Don’t you worry though, you’ll love the results afterwards.

And if you can, don’t iron or blow dry your hair after the process is over. Too much heat can damage the natural bonds of the hair and may render your treatment useless.


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