How to Prepare Yourself for Furniture Delivery in Tampa



First off, welcome to Tampa and hopefully, you’ll enjoy your move. If you hired furniture delivery in Tampa to bring your things in your new home, there are a couple of things you should prepare for. And more so, if you have new furniture delivered to your home. You have to take precautions so you don’t end up with damaged goods or incorrect furniture that will take a lot of to return.

What You Should Do:

  • You have to be there. You know the target schedule when the furniture delivery in Tampa will arrive, so you have to wait for it. It is important that you’re there to make sure that the guys deliver the right goods and in perfect condition. Often, the delivery service will include setup services as well so make sure the delivery guys do this before they leave.
  • Inspect every furniture thoroughly. No matter how many boxes of furniture you have delivered, take time to inspect each one. Even if the cartons are in good condition, open each up. In the case that even the cartons are damaged, take note of them. This may mean that the damage happened during transit.
  • Don’t sign anything unless everything is inspected. You will have to sign some paperwork to release the delivery guys and guarantee that you received the furniture in good condition with no problems at all. Before you sign anything, check every part of your furniture and we mean every little part of it. If you find any damage, this should be noted on the furniture delivery in Tampa delivery sheet and you should contact the company as well.
  • Call in any problems. Do not accept damaged furniture, make sure you call the furniture company first. Once you accept the furniture, this means that it is alright for you. This is a tactic that most furniture companies employ, as many customers will decide to take in the furniture before making the call. Hence, leaving the customer stuck with a broken piece of item and undergoing delays to get it returned.


Now what you should know is that not all furniture delivery in Tampa services are under the management of the furniture company itself. So, they really don’t care what’s inside the box as long as they do their job in delivering it to you. As a result, they might rush the process and not mind if the items they’re delivering has been damaged or not. Thus, be cautious about this and do these steps before you send the guys home.


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