Is It Time For A Transmission Flush In Tampa?


Transmission problems may be avoided if a transmission flush is performed at least once every two years. Most mechanics in Tampa give this advice to their clients. Transmission flush is also the time when you replace your transmission fluid.

It is important to follow the prescribed transmission flush schedule. Why? Because you may experience extreme transmission failure once you fail to know whether you already have transmission problems under the hood.

Here are some signs that you need to visit a mechanic for a transmission flush and other transmission service.

  1. Strange Grinding Noises. Strange noises tell you that something is wrong. Grinding noises are produced by dirt, grease, sludge, and inadequate levels of fluid. As soon as you hear strange noises while driving, stop immediately and check if you have enough transmission fluid. Go straight to your mechanic in Tampa to have a transmission flush up before transmission repair problems arise.
  2. Gear Shifting Problems. A dirty transmission in an automatic vehicle can result in difficulty when shifting gears. You may either experience changing gears too quickly or too late. A dirty transmission in a manual car can result to difficulty in changing gears. Perform a transmission flush before it’s too late.
  3. Slipping Gears. Slipping gears result from transmission pressure. Enough pressure is needed in order to maintain the correct gear. If you have transmission problems, you might slip in and out of a gear. Only transmission flush and repair can help you get rid of this problem.
  4. Surging Transmission. Surging happens when a vehicle quickly jumps forward or falls backwards for no apparent reason. The primary culprits behind this problem are dirt, contaminants and other pollutants. The dirt in transmission does not allow adequate flow of transmission fluid resulting to a surging transmission and a jumping vehicle. Seek the help of a mechanic to get rid of this problem once and for all.
  5. Delay in Movement. Delays in vehicle movement even for just a second or two after being put in the proper gear is a sign that you have problems with your transmission. These are common problems among vehicles. Repair for this type of problem may take a day or two.

Avoid all these problems by following your transmission flush schedule. Visit your mechanic today for more information.


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