The Role of an Automotive Body Shop in Tampa, FL


People often go blank when asked about the first thing that comes to their minds upon hearing the term “body shop.” Little do they know that what an automotive body shop does is very easy to understand.

Simply put, an automotive body shop repairs damaged vehicles. This is different from fixing a car that is not operating properly. That is the job of an auto repair shop. The main focus of an auto body shop is to repair damages caused by either a collision accident or by neglect. Neglected cars often suffer body damage due to rust.


Services provided by body shops vary, but there are two automotive services that you can find in any body shop in Tampa, FL.

  • Repainting

Repainting services cover problems as minute as dings and scratches and as major as road accidents. Rates of repainting services vary per automotive body shop and the scope of the area to be worked on.

  • Restoration

Restoring a vehicle involves three processes. The first one is glass replacement. Broken glasses and windows are normal every after a collision. The second process is automotive repainting. This includes sanding and priming of the damaged parts. Last but not the least is the auto repair required to fix the mechanical damage done by the collision. This is the final step in restoring a vehicle into its good running condition.

There are times, however, when body shops are consulted not to perform actual work but to determine the monetary value of a car wreck. This is used by car insurance agents for insurance adjustments as well as settlement of an insurance claim. Automotive body shops in Tampa, FL can also be consulted to settle lawsuits involving car collision and repair.


Rates vary according to the nature and scope of the work done as well as the body shop that repairs the vehicle. Some automotive body shops in Tampa, FL have higher rates than the others due to the difference in the quality of their services.

The good thing about body shops, however, is that most of them are accredited by insurance companies. You can rest assured that the body shop will be able to handle all areas of collision and auto repair. But if you do not have car insurance, you have to talk with the shop’s manager to get a clear picture of what they can and cannot do for your car.


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