Wedding Styles: Hair Color for Weddings


A wedding is something that we all look forward to whether we are part of the entourage of just guests. Preparing for a wedding is beyond looking for the perfect gown or dress. It is about planning your whole image from head to foot — from hair color to toe nail polish.

Now, if you are planning to dye your hair prior to the wedding, get a pen and paper and jot down these tips before you head out to the nearest salon in your area.

  • Consult a hair color specialist at least a month before the wedding date. Brides need to have hair color consultations at least three months before. But if you are just a part of the entourage or a guest, a month is enough to get the hair color you want and do some hair color correction should any accident happen. But when worse come to worst, have your hair color wedding styles done at least a week before the wedding. Hair color and highlights take about a week to properly adhere on hair strands.
  • Stay within two shades of your natural hair color. Doing so will make your hair color look more natural. Stick with warm colors if your skin tone falls under the warm category and cool colors if your skin tone falls under the cool category. You are attending a wedding so it is better to be on the safe side rather than the experimental one.
  • Show your dress and hair accessories to the hair color specialist. Certain wedding styles require a few strategically placed highlights to emphasize the most prominent features of your face.
  • Wait at least two days after your hair color treatment before you shampoo your hair. Let the hair color settle first before you wash it. Using a shampoo that is safe for color-treated hair also helps in reducing color-stripping.
  • Keep your hair deeply conditioned. No matter how nice your hair color is, it will look dull if your hair is dry and unhealthy. Remember, healthy and moisturized hair makes highlights and hair color stand out. It is advisable to condition your hair a day before the wedding to make your hair color shine.

These hair color tips will make wedding styles all the more glamorous. Stay tuned for more hair style tips when attending a wedding.

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