Holiday Quick Hair Fix in Tampa, FL


MERRY CHRISTMAS! How’s your hair faring? The temperature is dropping and the winds are getting stronger. These are one of the few reasons behind the sudden popularity of wearing bonnets, hats and hoods during the holiday season. Women experience bad hair days every day during this season that is why pony tails are often seen on the streets, if not fully covered by headgears of all sorts. The cold weather can make tresses brittle and dry– forcing women to take immediate action by running down to the nearest hair salon.

See what you can do to let your hair fly free today this Christmas day!

  • Moisture overload: frizz is the worst thing that a woman wants to see as she steps in front of the mirror. To achieve a frizz-free texture even with any hair type, balance the moisture in the inner structure as needed. You can determine whether your hair lacks protein or moisture in two ways! When your hair seems oily and flexible, your hair lacks moisture. But when your hair breaks easily, then protein is what it needs. To achieve a balanced amount of moisture and protein. Make use of a damage repair shampoo that penetrates through the shaft to equally distribute the amount of protein and moisture rather than packing them up on top.
  • Static meltdown:  when your hair is strong enough to withhold the winter elements, focus on your cleansing routine while retaining the moisture. Stopping static will prevent your hair from those dreaded flyways. Products with wheat amino acids are highly recommended by trusted hair salons in Tampa, FL because it promotes moisture even when applying hot tools. The amino acids have properties that create a positive charge to damaged hair fibers and keeps tresses polished.
  • Deep conditioning: conditioning is always the issue when taking off frizz and split ends. Hair salons recommend the use of conditioners everyday and do deep conditioning at least once a week. This way, the cuticles are closed to define your hair color, texture, and shine all season.
  • Trim out the evil: dry air means being prone to split ends. A simple trip to the hair salon will keep your hair free from the stubborn split ends that could cause your hair to appear thinner and have that unwanted stringy look.

Keeping a regular schedule with your trusted hair salon doesn’t mean you are obsessed with yourself. Being beautiful especially for this holiday season is more of a must than an option, don’t you agree? Remember that proper maintenance will keep you looking young and healthy.

Now go out and spread the holiday love. Enjoy your frizz-free beautiful hair, and have a stress-free Christmas.

Monaco Boutique and Salon
2907 West Kennedy Boulevard, Tampa, FL 33609

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