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Penalties for Hiring an Undocumented Worker in Tampa, FL



Businesses that employ an undocumented worker or an improperly documented one can face prosecution. The Obama Administration has been clear in its aims of cracking down employers suspected of hiring illegal immigrants and undocumented workers all over the country.

Stricter Laws, Stricter Penalties

According to Pew Research Center, about 11 million undocumented immigrants live in the United States. Eight million of them are undocumented workers. And while immigration laws are being reviewed to be friendlier for immigrants who help sustain the economy, forceful crack downs are done on businesses that knowingly hire undocumented workers.

To comply with federal law, businesses in Tampa, FL and the rest of the country have to complete an I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification form for each of their employees. Documents provided by new employees must also be checked for proof of eligibility. Failing to fill the I-9 properly Employment Eligibility Verification form or knowingly forging its contents means breaking the law.

Periodically, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement or ICE does audits or inspections of company hiring records. Such audits and inspections are deemed necessary to ensure compliance with U.S. employment laws. Even if no undocumented worker is discovered, employers can be fined for paperwork errors, such as an inaccurate employee’s start date. Penalties and fines for paperwork errors can range from $110 to $1,110 a form. This means that fines can add up to several thousand dollars for a business employing dozens of workers.

Employers can appeal the fines, of course, often leading to a reduction. Hiring a lawyer specializing in such cases will be a big help for a successful appeal.

What Happens Next

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services offer employers assistance with regards to the identification and consequent removal of any undocumented worker from their place of business. This is done through the Mutual Agreement between Government and Employers program. The said program educates business owners about various forms of fraudulent documentation and identity theft.

Dealing with problems regarding undocumented workers in Tampa, FL can cause tremendous strains on your business processes. Consult a professional lawyer today to know how you can best deal with undocumented worker problems.

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Storage For Your Ride


Most likely you’re reading this because you are about to experience the season change and you don’t want to drive your car through the snow depth, cold and road salt. If you are not ready to risk your vehicle’s life this season, then, take a look at the option of getting into storage and moving. But before that, see how you can prepare your vehicle for the season.

  • Finding a Winter Home for Your Car: your garage is somehow the easiest and most convenient place to leave your car during the cold season. However, without proper maintenance and accessories to keep your vehicle at its best, storage and moving is the best option you have. A good storage and moving company would offer a great deal on transferring your vehicle even at the worst type of weather. A water proof space is what you have to keep in mind since engines and car paint are very sensitive to moisture. If possible, ask the storage and moving company about features such as sealed doors, insulators or air conditioning and other heaters to ensure a good storing environment.
  • Preparing Your Vehicle for a Long Winter’s Nap: storage and moving companies highly recommend owners to invest in a good car cover that breathes. Not because of the low quality service, but because it would prevent moisture and condensation as temperature change; thus, leaving your vehicle free from a wet, moldy, potentially rusty mess. Before your vehicle goes into storage, make sure to have it prepared. This involves more than just apologizing that you won’t be spending time together but setting its engine by oil change, filter cleaning, and interior and exterior cleanup. Another is by pulling all plugs and disconnecting ignition cords to avert ignition system damage. The engine at bay is the most common problem encountered by owners as the fuel circulation is altered leaving them frozen. Storage and moving companies can be of help by providing a religious check up on your vehicle to ensure its good condition even when you are away.

To wrap things up, invest on a care-centered storage and moving company in Jacksonville, FL and enjoy a worry-free winter season.

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Winter Preparations With Moving Truck Rentals


Never stock your items in your garage or basement when you are preparing for a new season; your item’s safety is at risk as the temperature suddenly drops. If you are travelling or moving out for the New Year, moving truck rentals are the best choice for you. Not only will you be free from the burden of going back and forth, but also will you be at ease that your items are in good hands.

  • Preparation and Packing: before stocking your items into the truck, make sure to be organized. Boxes should be of the right size and labeling is important. When packing, heavy items should be left under the box to give way for lighter items and reduce the risk of damages. To keep them free from the cold front, make sure to seal all sides and add extra insulators like clothes. Another advantage of adding such is serving as a shock absorber so instead of buying foams or Styrofoam, clothing is a great way to save money.
  • Stocking: Moving truck rental companies in Miami, FL are more than willing to help in stocking up items into their vehicle. Asking for assistance is just a few of their extra services that keep clients interested in their offers. However, stocking your items alone or without the help of professionals will need organization. Some moving truck rentals provides vehicles with shelves to save up space for larger boxes and to give way for smaller boxes containing your knick-knacks. Make sure to place heavier boxes near the walls of the truck and lighter items in the middle to avoid crashing or breaking of other lighter items.
  • Relocating: Moving Truck Rental Companies provide you with options such as professional drivers or without. This way, you are sure to enjoy a safe trip with your family without worrying about engine malfunctions since the drivers are also knowledgeable of basic repairs and maintenance.  Another advantage of picking the right moving truck rental company is insurance. It is a must for you to keep a list of moving truck rental companies to make sure that you get best of the best.

Start a new season with a new life and a new home with the help of trusted moving truck rental companies in Miami, FL.

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Holiday Quick Hair Fix in Tampa, FL


MERRY CHRISTMAS! How’s your hair faring? The temperature is dropping and the winds are getting stronger. These are one of the few reasons behind the sudden popularity of wearing bonnets, hats and hoods during the holiday season. Women experience bad hair days every day during this season that is why pony tails are often seen on the streets, if not fully covered by headgears of all sorts. The cold weather can make tresses brittle and dry– forcing women to take immediate action by running down to the nearest hair salon.

See what you can do to let your hair fly free today this Christmas day!

  • Moisture overload: frizz is the worst thing that a woman wants to see as she steps in front of the mirror. To achieve a frizz-free texture even with any hair type, balance the moisture in the inner structure as needed. You can determine whether your hair lacks protein or moisture in two ways! When your hair seems oily and flexible, your hair lacks moisture. But when your hair breaks easily, then protein is what it needs. To achieve a balanced amount of moisture and protein. Make use of a damage repair shampoo that penetrates through the shaft to equally distribute the amount of protein and moisture rather than packing them up on top.
  • Static meltdown:  when your hair is strong enough to withhold the winter elements, focus on your cleansing routine while retaining the moisture. Stopping static will prevent your hair from those dreaded flyways. Products with wheat amino acids are highly recommended by trusted hair salons in Tampa, FL because it promotes moisture even when applying hot tools. The amino acids have properties that create a positive charge to damaged hair fibers and keeps tresses polished.
  • Deep conditioning: conditioning is always the issue when taking off frizz and split ends. Hair salons recommend the use of conditioners everyday and do deep conditioning at least once a week. This way, the cuticles are closed to define your hair color, texture, and shine all season.
  • Trim out the evil: dry air means being prone to split ends. A simple trip to the hair salon will keep your hair free from the stubborn split ends that could cause your hair to appear thinner and have that unwanted stringy look.

Keeping a regular schedule with your trusted hair salon doesn’t mean you are obsessed with yourself. Being beautiful especially for this holiday season is more of a must than an option, don’t you agree? Remember that proper maintenance will keep you looking young and healthy.

Now go out and spread the holiday love. Enjoy your frizz-free beautiful hair, and have a stress-free Christmas.

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The Role of an Automotive Body Shop in Tampa, FL


People often go blank when asked about the first thing that comes to their minds upon hearing the term “body shop.” Little do they know that what an automotive body shop does is very easy to understand.

Simply put, an automotive body shop repairs damaged vehicles. This is different from fixing a car that is not operating properly. That is the job of an auto repair shop. The main focus of an auto body shop is to repair damages caused by either a collision accident or by neglect. Neglected cars often suffer body damage due to rust.


Services provided by body shops vary, but there are two automotive services that you can find in any body shop in Tampa, FL.

  • Repainting

Repainting services cover problems as minute as dings and scratches and as major as road accidents. Rates of repainting services vary per automotive body shop and the scope of the area to be worked on.

  • Restoration

Restoring a vehicle involves three processes. The first one is glass replacement. Broken glasses and windows are normal every after a collision. The second process is automotive repainting. This includes sanding and priming of the damaged parts. Last but not the least is the auto repair required to fix the mechanical damage done by the collision. This is the final step in restoring a vehicle into its good running condition.

There are times, however, when body shops are consulted not to perform actual work but to determine the monetary value of a car wreck. This is used by car insurance agents for insurance adjustments as well as settlement of an insurance claim. Automotive body shops in Tampa, FL can also be consulted to settle lawsuits involving car collision and repair.


Rates vary according to the nature and scope of the work done as well as the body shop that repairs the vehicle. Some automotive body shops in Tampa, FL have higher rates than the others due to the difference in the quality of their services.

The good thing about body shops, however, is that most of them are accredited by insurance companies. You can rest assured that the body shop will be able to handle all areas of collision and auto repair. But if you do not have car insurance, you have to talk with the shop’s manager to get a clear picture of what they can and cannot do for your car.


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Engine Rebuild: The Preliminaries


Engine rebuild is an auto repair procedure that most car owners will experience at one point in their lives. Most auto repair centers offer this service. Engine rebuild is very common and every mechanic in every auto repair shop in Tampa, FL is expected to be able to perform this service well.

Just like any other auto repair procedure, it is better if you leave engine rebuild to the professionals. Nonetheless, it will not hurt to have some knowledge about rebuilding an engine. Not only will this exercise your mind, it will also protect you from any mechanic who might try to scam you in the future.

Here are the steps included in the preliminary operations of an engine rebuild.

  • Inspect your engine visually before you start doing anything. It is important that you check the following:

  1. Are there fluid sweeping out of core plugs?
  2. Are there leaks in the water pump?
  3. Are the cracks in the rubber of the harmonic balancer?
  4. Are there obvious signs of overheating?
  5. Are there any signs of excessive gasket sealer?

  • Remember to double check the ID and casting numbers on your engine. This is a basic step that every mechanic knows by heart. This is very important so that you know that the engine undergoing engine rebuild is actually yours. ID and casting numbers serve pretty much like serial numbers. Engine swaps commonly happen in auto repair shops. Better to be safe.

  • Inspect the external components. Areas that need special attention include alternator belts, clutch assembly, and distributor.

  • After doing these three, you are now ready to engage on the engine rebuild.

  1. Remove the oil pan of the engine.
  2. Take out the valve heads. This can be a bit tricky because there are so many hoses and wirings. Label them so you know which is which. Never ever depend on memory alone.
  3. Safely remove the cylinder ridges. According to a mechanic this is the part of the cylinder that does not wear because it is found on top of the bore. But even if it does not wear, it should be removed so that the piston can be taken out without damage.
  4. Remove the piston, rod assemblies, and crankshaft.

There are additional steps after these four. Consult with your mechanic to learn more!


Atlantic Automotive Inc
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Will Keratin Hair Treatment Straighten Your Hair?


Women will pay a price for beauty and that means paying for hair treatments to achieve the look they want. Women who hate their unmanageable and frizzy hair choose to go for hair straightening treatments. Why? For one, it’s easier to maintain and second, the look is neat and clean.

The question to ask is this, what hair straightening treatment should you pick? These days, a keratin hair treatment is very popular. It is great for straightening hair as it has tons of benefits. However, this treatment is not for everyone and there are drawbacks as well. Let’s discuss this hair treatment a bit closer.

Keratin Hair Treatments

The keratin hair treatment for straightening is made of 100% natural keratin. It is actually a protein in human hair. Modern Tampa, FL salons like this treatment because the keratin naturally mixes with the natural keratin of the hair. Hence, the internal bonding of the hair isn’t badly affected at all. This hair straightening treatment aims to make the hair silkier, shinier and smoother by providing it the nutrition it needs.

When the keratin solution is applied to the hair, the hair technician will have to flat-iron your hair to make it sleek and straight. The process is a bit similar to rebonding but without the negative effects.

The Hair Benefits

The good thing about keratin hair treatment is that it can be used on different types of hair. Also, hair that has been chemically treated before can still use this treatment without a problem. The treatment is quite affordable, ranging around the price of $250. The results can last 4 months depending also on how you maintain it and external factors like weather and humidity in your city. If you’ve been experiencing falling hair, this treatment will help in regrowth and making your hair stronger.

Some Drawbacks

Keratin hair treatment is indeed effective but to maintain the results, you have to keep the process for at least three days. You have to continue ironing your hair and using the special salt-free shampoo to prolong the straight look. This can be uncomfortable but hey, there’s always a price to pay for beauty. Don’t you worry though, you’ll love the results afterwards.

And if you can, don’t iron or blow dry your hair after the process is over. Too much heat can damage the natural bonds of the hair and may render your treatment useless.


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