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Massage Therapy: The Relaxing Trend This Season


Massage therapy is not just for luxury or relaxation. Many people come to the massage therapy unsure what to expect. Some take massage therapy as a traumatic experience even with the knowledge of the widespread use of therapeutic massage, especially for those who are not sure how to take an active role in getting the most out of the massage therapy.

What are the preparations for Massage Therapy?

  • The main reason for the procedure is for you to stay calm; so best to prepare to RELAX. The more relaxed and confident you are before coming in the massage unit, the deeper the relaxation you are to experience. If you are getting treated for an injury, the faster and less pain you will experience while the treatment is ongoing. A warm shower will help you take off the stress or tension in your body and add comfort to both the client and the therapist. It is prohibited for you to wear makeup or excessive perfume before the massage therapy. Another is to set up the mood by picking out a good playlist of your favorite relaxing music such as jazz or ballad to keep you at ease for the whole session. Eating too much will make you feel uncomfortable during the massage therapy because there is a possibility for the therapist to be manipulating the parts of your abdomen to enhance your metabolism; but never come in hungry.

How can you maximize your massage therapy?

  • The therapist does not need much help in the procedure so all you have to do is to keep calm and relax. If you find yourself worried about the therapist lifting your heavy arms and legs; then worry no more because the more passive you are during the procedure, the lighter your body becomes. Reward yourself with a little cup of tea or a warm beverage after the massage therapy to keep your muscles relaxed. Never crave for something frozen like shakes or ice cream because it will contract your muscles; plus, a hot tea would help flush out toxins

Massage therapy is almost like a passive form of exercise. Cleansing and detoxifying are the best benefits it could offer. Try promoting a healthy Christmas and a New Year by giving a simple Gift certificate that contains a lot of benefits.


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Massage Gift Certificates: Perfect Giveaways for the Holidays


It is the season of gift-giving again. Some of you may be stretching your mind to think of unique and affordable gift ideas for your loved ones. Don’t stress out. Gifts are never about the price. Remember the saying “it’s the thought that counts?” It still pretty much works these days. So instead of thinking about material things, why not give your loved ones massage gift certificates and let them experience the gift of wellness?

Massage gift certificates are basically gift certificates that entitle the holder to free massage therapy services. The scope of the services depends on the value of the massage gift certificates. Services can be combinations of massage treatments, gratuity, and other products or services of the massage clinic.

The Gift of Wellness through Massage Treatments

One massage treatment that you may want your loved ones to experience through their gift certificates is the Deep Tissue Massage. This type of therapeutic massage focuses on reaching the deeper layers of muscles that normally store supplies of lactic acid. Lactic acid causes tense, tight, and stiff muscles which give us that sore feeling. Break the supply of lactic acid and you will experience that relaxing feeling you have been longing for.

Benefits of Massage

Not all people will be delighted once they see that you gave them massage gift certificates as Christmas gifts. But they will eventually see your concern once they feel the following massage benefits:

  • Pain relief from chronic muscle tension
  • Improved posture
  • Improved flexibility
  • Increased blood flow to muscle groups
  • Decreased adhesions and scar tissues

If you have a family member who constantly complains about stiff necks, backaches, arm pain, hand pain, shoulder pain, and other body pains, introducing this form of massage therapy might be of great help. This may be the Christmas that he or she will never forget.

This Christmas, veer away from traditional materialistic gifts. Remember, getting the most out of life begins not with being rich, but with being well and healthy. Start spreading wellness today by giving out massage gift certificates as a treat this holiday season.


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The Perfect Holiday Gift: Massage Gift Certificate



This Christmas season, welcome the holidays with a treat to relax and pamper your loved ones. Whether it is your parents, siblings, cousins, close friends or colleagues, giving a massage gift certificate should make them smile from ear to ear. Take note, you can give this gift to men too, they love massages as well.

A massage gift certificate is a great Christmas present because you get value for the price. You can get these GCs for a discounted price, which is something that most companies will offer during special events. The great thing about this kind of gift is that you can give it to anyone else. Even if it’s not the holidays, you can pick this as a gift to give a friend on her birthday, a congratulatory gift, a wedding gift or even serve as raffle prizes for small events.

This is the time of the year to rekindle friendships, relationships and family ties. Use the massage gift certificate to bond with your loved ones. Even if you don’t want to go to the place itself, ask if they have home service so everyone can feel comfortable getting the service at home. They can bring portable tables, therapy oils and other things to ensure you have a great experience.

If this is a time you want to spend with your lover, present him or her with a massage gift certificate for couples. Couple massages are an ideal way to bond as you can relax together. If this has been a habit of yours, why not try different types of massages this time? There are hot stone massages, body wraps with massages and other types of services that will merit a new experience for the both of you.

Undeniably, a present like this will be highly valued and appreciated. The truth is, many people yearn for massages and any other form of relaxation. But somehow, they don’t get to do it. All it takes is a little push for them to do it and your present will surely do this for them. For some reason, there are people who don’t want to spend outright money on this service unless encouraged. But for sure, once they use your GC, they’ll keep coming back for more.

It’s almost the end of the year and it’s time to release all those pent up stress inside you. Getting the service with someone is a more memorable experience than doing it alone. Destress with loved ones and welcome the new year with positivity.


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Treat Your Grandparents to A Therapeutic Massage this Holiday Season



A perfect way to treat your grandparents to a time of pampering and relaxation is through giving them a therapeutic massage gift certificate. Surely, your grandparents will appreciate this especially now that their aching bodies cause discomfort.

Aging or getting old is only but natural. However, this doesn’t mean that they cannot enjoy time to relax and just enjoy the benefits of massage. In fact, elderly citizens will benefit a lot from a therapeutic massage as it is very healthy. So, give them a gift certificate this holiday season and let them enjoy the health benefits of a massage.

Massage for the elderly is quite different than those for younger people. That’s simply because the bodies of the elderlies are more sensitive and fragile. Hence, you need to look for a massage parlor that offers elderly massage services. This means that the massage therapist assigned is trained and knowledgeable in massaging an aging body. Pressure and techniques applied will be different. Not only should the therapeutic massage be effective in relaxation, it should also be very comfortable.

With elderlies not being able to move around much or get physical, this weakens their bones and muscles. Common ailments that they have to suffer from everyday are joint pain, muscle pain and arthritis. Physical ailments are what bugs them the most. Therapeutic massage can really help manage the painful effects of these ailments.

The health benefits of elderly massage isn’t just hearsay. The National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork promotes elderly massage as a way to help ease physical aches and pains among elderlies.

What are the other benefits of therapeutic massage to elderlies? For one, it helps elderlies with Alzheimer’s to communicate better and relax. Next, it helps with arthritis pain management. Third, it helps improve and increase their range of motion. Fourth, massage helps promote joint lubrication which also helps in dealing with arthritis. Next, massage can improve the strength of the muscles as well as muscle coordination. Sixth, it helps improve posture and reduce muscle tension. And last, the calming effect helps them rest better and sleep longer.

All in all, these are the things that your grandparents can benefit from when you present that massage gift certificate. It’s really a small price to pay to ensure that your grandparents have a good time this holiday season, and a relaxing one at that too. Well, don’t forget your parents, they will enjoy that massage gift certificate as well.


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Massage Gift Certificate: Even Papa Needs Pampering Too!

Father’s Day has passed but this shouldn’t stop you from giving your dad another present. Have you thought about giving your dad a massage gift certificate? Even if your dad isn’t too stressed out, giving him a free massage session can pamper his aging body. And if dad feels relaxed, he will feel more lively and happy.


Why Give A Massage Gift Certificate?

Massages offer relaxation to the mind and body. While you’re at it, you can give a massage gift certificate to your mom as well. Massage salons offer couples massage sessions so you can avail of that for your parents. A one-hour session is enough to pamper a tired body and your parents will leave the massage salon feeling a lot better.

An important benefit of a massage for the aging people is the increased blood circulation. Most of the massage techniques about there are very effective in improving blood circulation in the body, which helps hasten the healing process if there are any injuries or pain felt.

Aging individuals have aging bodies. This means that their bodies grow more fragile as they grow older. A massage can help strengthen your parent’s immune system. The therapeutic effect of massage is effective in improving the human immune system.

imagesFurthermore, with aging bodies come muscle stiffness. You’ve probably heard your mom and dad complain about how their muscles ache frequently and how stiff their muscles have become. This is quite normal among aging people. By giving them a gift certificate for a massage, the massage therapist can stretch the muscles to prevent tightness and stiffness. In fact, regular massage helps in making the muscles become more limber. When muscles are limber, there’s less chance of getting injured.

In relation to muscle stiffness, your parents may also experience joint inflammation. Massage can help improve this condition as massage improves lymph circulation in the body. The lymph actually carries the toxic debris and cause of inflammation away from the body. With the absence of inflamed joints and stiff muscles, your mom and dad can enjoy improved mobility and flexibility.

Physical pain and discomfort can easily affect the moods of aging individuals. It’s really hard to combat physical ailments everyday and always keep a happy face. Massage therapy can help with this. The human touch reduces anxiety and depression, which in turn help promote a more positive attitude and outlook in life.

By just giving them a massage gift certificate, they can start experiencing the benefits. And eventually, they can continue the habit of getting a massage regularly.



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Massage vs. Pain Killers: Which is more effective?

It may come as a surprise to many people in Lutz, FL, but a recent study shows that lower back pain is more effectively treated by a massage therapy session than a dose of over the counter pain killers. This is according to a study published in a journal called the Annals of Internal Medicine.


The study conducted by the Group Health Research Institute based in Seattle involved exposing one group of patients to a one hour massage therapy session every week for ten weeks, and another who received medications for back pain. Results showed that individuals who have been given a series of relaxation and structural massage techniques were more able to work and be active than those who have been given over the counter pain killers. In addition, 33% of the massage group reported complete elimination of their back pains compared to the 4% of the pain killer group.

Though they differ in terms of the muscle groups that they manipulate, structural and relaxation massage has the same effects on providing relief for back pains. Structural massage manipulates specific back pain related muscles and ligaments. Relaxation massage, the most popular of which is the Swedish massage, induces body-wide relaxation. This means that you need not have a special type of massage; even the so-called “general” Swedish massage can do wonders on your body pains.

This is good news for people in Lutz, FL who experiences chronic back pain but is not provided with enough relief by over the counter medicines. It is still highly advised, however, that people experiencing such condition consult first with a doctor.

There are a lot of massage clinics in Lutz, FL that you can go to. However, not all of these clinics offer the same quality of service. To make an informed decision as to where you should go, you can check out online forums as well as reviews from people who have been to massage clinics in Lutz.

You do not have to continue suffering from back pains. With massage therapy, you can get rid of all the ouch now. You can also share the gift of massage through gift certificates. There are massage clinics in Lutz that offer gift certificates with different denominations, perfect as gifts for different occasions.




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Why Massage Gift Certificates are Awesome Gift Ideas

Massage gift certificates are a great gift idea for the primary reason that you can give it to anyone regardless of age and gender. You can give it to your mom, dad, grandparents, sister, brother, cousin, friend, colleague, business partner and your special someone. Don’t think for a second that men will not appreciate such gift. The fact is, everyone loves to experience some pampering especially if it’s free.

With such a gift certificate, you’ll be pretty sure that the recipient will be happy. Who wouldn’t want an hour or two of free relaxing and therapeutic massage after a tiring day at work? Giving this gift will show your concern for the well-being of your loved ones.


Usually, a gift certificate is priced equally to the cost of the service. However, there are reflexology centers that will give a discount if you buy the gift certificates in packs. This Valentine’s Day, show your love through giving away massage gift certificates. After all, Hearts Day is not just for lovers, it is a day of expressing love to everyone.

Now, if you can’t finish that pack of gift certificates you bought, you can always keep them for later events. Such certificates are valid for a year so you can use it as a gift for another occasion or you can even donate it as a prize for a raffle in your church. These things are so handy which makes them awesome gift ideas throughout the year.

How about a couple’s massage date for you or for your parents? You can try out the different kinds of massages then go for a hot stone massage the next day. Not only will your body be having the time of your life, your relationship will grow more as well. Couple massages are said to enhance passion between lovers as they are relaxed and invigorated at the same time.

However, you shouldn’t risk putting yourself to shame by giving a gift certificate from a poor quality reflexology center. It is vital that you do your own research about the centers near you. Bear in mind that you are giving a gift; a gift that is supposed to make the recipient happy and stress-free. Don’t just buy gift certificates from centers that offer cheap rates. Chances are, the services are of poor quality too.

A gift certificate may just be a piece of paper but there is so much value to it. In it lies a memorable experience, a genuine concern from the giver and a sense of gratitude from the recipient.

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